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Practice, Challenge, Earn Trivia Game

Talent Battle: Practice, Challenge, Earn Trivia Game

Practice, Create Quizzes & Challenge to Earn real money with 60000+ questions !!

Are You Bored of the same old Trivia Games ? Then Talent Battle is here to give you a completely different experience of Trivia Games. Talent Battle allows you to create your own quiz and challenge your friends. Practice and improve your knowledge from 100’s of categories and 60000+ questions including Aptitude, General knowledge, Technical questions from Computer science, mechanical, civil and electronics, company specific questions for placement preparation.

This app provides you to earn money while practicing / learning also. Every day, you can attempt Live battle where you can compete with thousands of users to win coins and redeem them to cash prizes.

Excited? Below are the things, which you can do on Talent Battle app!

  • Practice Mode : Select category and answer 10 questions, based on your score, you will unlock achievements & earn coins
  • Create your quiz and challenge your friends: Decide a category, bet/challenge some coins, ask your friends to join, The coin bucket will be distributed among the top performers.
  • Join any random battle: Accept or Send challenges publically to anyone from all over country and win coins to redeem for real money.
  • Live battle / quiz: Join battle everyday to win big prizes
  • Redeem coins for real money

This app is perfect place for you to learn and prepare for campus placement and competitive exams preparation and also have learn with fun experience. You will have fun along with knowledge improvement and not to forget you are going to earn money while playing.

So, what are you waiting for, download India’s first trivia app where you can create your own challenges and earn real money.