Cognizant Placement Papers 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 26 May 2023
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Table of content


About Cognizant Placement Papers 2023


About cognizant company


Exam pattern and syllabus



 Cognizant Placement Papers 2023

  • Cognizant technology solutions is also known as cognizant. It is a multinational information technology service provider and consulting company. It is a leading company in the information technology sector for providing various services and solutions such as software development consulting and infrastructure management services. 

  • For job seekers who are willing to work with Cognizant Company, for them the company brought an opportunity. Company is hiring the candidates. 

  • Candidates who wish to join the company have to pass through a rigorous selection process that includes three stages and that is a written test, technical interview and HR interview. 

  • Cognizant placement paper is a test which is conducted to assess the knowledge and skill of candidates who wish to work at cognizant Company. 

    • In this article we will give some valuable information to those who want to join the company and crack the placement exam. In the examination paper many sections are there which includes quantitative aptitude verbal ability technical knowledge reasoning ability and basic English. 

    • We will provide you tips to crack and how to prepare for the examination. We also recommend practice tests, previous year question papers and time management strategies. 

  • Additionally, candidates should understand the culture and value of the company as well as the latest trend in the IT sector. This knowledge May help the job seeker to face the interview process and present himself as the best. 

    • In this article we will deliver some tips on how to react to the placement exam and manage time effectively during the test and interview. 

About cognizant

  • Cognizant technology solution is also known as cognizant. It is a multinational IT service provider and consulting company located in the United States of America. Company offers a wide range of services and products which include consulting infrastructure management and software development. 
  • Cognizant is one of the leading companies and has a global presence in the IT sector in the world. So its recruitment process is rigorous and designed to select the best candidates. 
  • Cognizant has strong emphasis over employed development inclusion and diversity. Companies offer various packages and opportunities for the individuals who are passionate about technology innovation and their future. 
  • The company expects its employees to have a strong ethics and willingness to learn and adapt for delivering high quality work to clients. 
  • Finally the company values excellence teamwork and individual opinion. In this recruitment process individuals are selected in a dynamic and fast work environment who can contribute to the company's continued success. 

Cognizant Exam Pattern 2023

Company selection process involves three stages.

  1. Written test
  2. Technical interview
  3. HR interview

written test: 

  • Written tests consist of quantitative aptitude, verbal ability and reasoning. There is another section that is the technical section. The exam is conducted online and the duration may be 90 minutes. Let's look at the exam pattern in more detail. 

  1. Quantitative aptitude:

  • This section is created to test the  candidates mathematical abilities. This reaction consists of 15 questions and the duration is 15 minutes. The topics covered in this section are…

  1. Number system
  2. Simple interest and compound interest
  3. Ratio, percentage and proportion
  4. Average, profit and loss and
  5. Geometry and mensuration

     2.  Reasoning ability. 

  •  This section is created to test the     candidates logical thinking and analytical abilities. The number of questions is 14 and the duration is also 14 minutes. Topics covered in the section..

  1. Coding decoding
  2. Blood relations
  3. Data sufficiency
  4. Syllogism and
  5. Logical reasoning. 

       3. Verbal ability.

  • This section is created to test the candidates language and comprehension ability. The number of questions consisted of 20 and duration may be 20 minutes. Topics covered in the section are..

  1. Sentence correction
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Synonyms and antonyms and
  4. Fill in the blanks. 

Summary of above content is in below table:


Number of Questions

Time Duration

Quantitative Aptitude


15 minutes

Reasoning Ability


15 minutes

Verbal Ability


20 minutes

 technical interview: 

  • This stage is designed to test the candidates technical knowledge in understanding of programming language and concepts. Topics covered in the section are…

  1. Data structure and algorithm
  2. Database management system (DBMS)
  3. Operating system and computer networks and
  4. C, c++, Java programming languages. 

HR interview: 

  •  HR interview is the final step in the recruitment process in any company. The objective of the HR interview is to examine the candidates communication skill, body language, cultural ethics and alignment which can fit with the company's values and mission. 
  • The HR interview is conducted for 20 to 30 minutes by the HR representative or senior member of the team.
  •  During the interview candidates can express some questions related to their technical skills, personal quality, knowledge and work experience. There are some common questions.
  1. Tell me about yourself

  2. Why do you want to work for our company?

  3. Why should we hire you?

  4. What are your stains and weaknesses? elaborate.

  5. Have you ever faced any conflict and how did you handle it ?

  6. What motivates you to work in the IT sector ?

  • Overall this is an important step in the recruitment process. Candidates should be prepared to answer any range of questions related to their work experience, certificate course, personal quality and technical skills. 
  • Candidates should do some research about the company before the interview. Our wishes are always with you. 

Note: above mentioned marks and time is approximate. This varies according to job role and specifications. 


  • While concluding, cracking the cognizant placement exam needs strong and diligent preparation with practicing multiple questions by understanding. 
  • This exam includes several sections which are aptitude coding and interviews which test skills and knowledge backgrounds. To perform well in the exam candidate should first understand the exam syllabus and pattern then build a study plan with effective time management. 
  • Candidates should not stop to practice question papers and enhance the strengths and reduce weaknesses. In addition, job seekers should work on their communication, body language and interpersonal skills as these are the most important factors for success in the corporate world. 
  • By putting necessary words and giving proper time to preparation thoroughly, candidates can increase his chances of getting a job at Cognizant, which is one of the leading IT companies. 
  • At last, preparation and practice are the key factors to success in any competitive or corporate exam. 

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