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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

Accenture is one of the world's largest IT firm that deals in worldwide management consulting, outsourcing and IT services. Headquarters of Accenture is in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The company came to India in 1987. Its first office in India was in Mumbai. It has now set up centers in Delhi and Chennai also. The company partners with clients and helps them to build high performance governments and businesses.

Eligibility Criteria :

Academic Qualifications :

Full-time Bachelors or Master’s Degree B.E./B.Tech(All Engineering Branches)/MCA/MSc (Computer Science) from a recognized university.

  • Class 10th Standard : 60% or Above
  • Class 12th Standard: 60% or Above
  • Graduation : 60% or Above 6.5 CGPA
  • No active backlogs.
  • Gap not more than one year.
  • Must be an Indian Citizen.

Accenture Recruitment Process:

The Accenture assessment is conducted in 4 stages i.e

  1. Coginitive Ability and Technical Round
  2. Coding Round
  3. Communication Assessment
  4. Interview round

Accenture Test Pattern

For 2021 hiring process, Accenture will be using CoCubes platfrom for hiring. Accenture does not use Wheebox and MeritTrac anymore. Accenture has changed its hiring pattern for the year 2021. The company will conduct four Rounds including an interview. Check the process as mentioned below:

Accenture Test Rounds

Time Allotted (In Minutes)

Cognitive and Technical Assessment


Coding Assessment






Accenture Online Test Syllabus 2021

For On-Campus/Off-Campus hiring, Accenture will be using CoCubes test and not MetriTrac.

Updated Accenture Test Pattern (CoCubes)

Accenture Pattern



No. of Question

Time (In Minutes)

Round 1 : Cognitive and Technical Assessment

Cognitive Assessment




Technical Assessment

1. Numerical Ability
2. Logical Reasoning
3. English Ability

1. Pseudo Code
2. Common Applications & MS Office
3. Fundamentals of Networking








Round 2 : Coding Assessment

Total Coding Round (No sectional division)

1. C
2. C++
3. Dot Net
4. Java
5. Python



Round 3 : Communication Assessment

No internal section. Candidate will be examined upon their communication skills

1. Sentence Mastery
2. Vocabulary
3. Fluency
4. Pronunciation



No sectional time limit for the test. Each individual has 90 minutes time for 90 questions.

Accenture offers to work profiles to work with - Associate Software Engineer (Rs.4,50,000 per annum) and Full Stack Engineer (Rs.6,50,000 per annum). If an individual has qualified the above online test, you are given a choice if you want to apply for the higher package role of FSE (Full Stack Engineer).

Note that the test has a sectional cut-off, which is not disclosed yet. There is no negative marking system for the test.

If the individuals fail to qualify the test, it ends here and the individual is disqualified.

Important :

  • There is no negative marking for the online test.

  • The test has a sectional cut-off, analyzing on each section individually.

Communication Assesment

This being the first round of the Accenture online test, consists of 6 sections in total. It has multiple questions in audio form. Note no text will be displayed for the same (except for the first section). You will be given 20-30 seconds to answer the questions orally.

Section 1 : Reading

There will be 8 sentences displayed on the screen (in text form). You will have to read each of it aloud in the window of 20-30 seconds. This round focuses on an individual’s reading ability.

Section 2 : Listening

This rounded consists of 16 audio sentences. All you need to do is listen to these sentences carefully and repeat them out loud. The score depends on how well an individual listens and replicates these sentences.

Section 3 : Question & Answer

In this section, you will be asked with 24 simple questions orally (no text will be displayed). Each question should be answered with word or two.

For example : Question – What is the color of mango?

                           Answer – Yellow

Section 4 : Jumbled Sentences

In this section, you will be given with 10 jumbled sentences & you have to arrange them properly to form a meaningful sentence.

Section 5 : Retelling A Story

In this round you will be narrated with a short story and all you have to do is retell it. As soon as the story is narrated to you, you will hear a beep after which you will have to retell the story within 30 seconds, followed by another beep indicating start of the next story to be narrated.

Section 6

Updates for this section will be soon here.


Zonal Level Hiring Test

Zonal Level Hiring process will consist of two assessment – Cognitive & Technical Assessment, Coding Assessment. The coding assessment is mandatory for FSE (Full Stack Engineer) role applicants.

Group Interaction

Updates for this section will be soon given by Accenture.

Student’s Experience :

At a pre-placement talk the mentioned points were: The recruitment process is Zonal level. There are two job roles: ASE AND FSE. The eligibility criteria is 65% or 6.5 CPGA in undergrad with no active backlogs. COMMUNICATION ASSESSMENT will be held first. (believing it isn’t an elimination round).

Next step is the COGNITIVE AND TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT (90MIN, no negative marking) this is a must for either of the job roles(ASE OR FSE) and includes the following sections :

               1. ANALYTICAL REASONING (20Q, 20MIN)

               2. QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE (20Q, 20MIN)

              3. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION (20Q, 20M)

TECHNICAL (30Q, 30M) :


            2. PSEUDOCODE

Individuals interested in FSE role have to take up the CODING ROUND as well, which includes: 2Q- 45MINS - C, C++, JAVA, DOTNET AND PYTHON. (Note - The people who clear the cognitive and technical assessment can only attempt the coding test.)



(Updated)Accenture 2021 Batch (On-campus) Selection Process & Test Pattern Detailed Video