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The Infosys InfyTQ exam is around the corner. Students around the nation are preparing their best for the InfyTQ exam and we at Talent battle wish to help you! Here, we give you the complete guide to register for InfyTQ, the important dates for InfyTQ registration. We provide you with the complete InfyTQ study material, InfyTQ test pattern, syllabus and have even solved the most important InfyTQ previous year questions for you. Prepare your best, and crack the InfyTQ exam with Talent Battle!



How to Register for InfyTQ? How to book a slot for InfyTQ?

Wish to register for InfyTQ? Watch this complete in detail video explaining how to register for Infosys InfyTQ. Follow along with the complete procedure to register for InfyTQ and book a slot for your InfyTQ examination. 

What's the Eligibility criteria for InfyTQ?

To register for InfyTQ, you should either be a B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM student graduating in 2022. There is no percentage criteria for InfyTQ. Student from any college, any branch/stream is eligible for InfyTQ.

What is the Examination process of InfyTQ ?

Watch the detailed InfyTQ paper pattern and InfyTQ selection process analysis. Understand the paper pattern to prepare better for the InfyTQ examination. 

Infosys Certification comprises three examination rounds:

  • Qualifying Round – We will test your knowledge in programming and database management along with your aptitude in this round.
  • Final Round – If you clear the qualifying round, you will be required to take the final Infosys Certification examination, which will assess your in-depth programming and database management skills through objective and hands-on questions. If you score 65% or more in the final round, you will receive a certificate of being an ‘Infosys Certified Software Programmer’. You will also receive an opportunity to appear in a behavioral interview for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys.
  • Advantage Round – This is an optional round for Infosys certified software programmers to gain an advantage and win a job opportunity for niche technical roles of Power Programmer and Systems Engineer Specialist at Infosys. If you decide to go through this round, you will have to take a test that will assess your programming and other technical skills. If you clear the round, you will receive a pre-placement interview opportunity for the Power Programmer and Systems Engineer Specialist roles. It will be a virtual interview that will assess your technical and behavioral skills.
  • Note: If you are a B.E./B. Tech/M.E./M.Tech student graduating in 2022 who has also registered for HackWithInfy and if you choose to appear in the Advantage Round, then your performance in this round will be considered to determine your selection for HackWithInfy final round.

InfyTQ Test Pattern & Exam Date

Date: 2nd & 3rd Apri

Qualifying Round (40 questions – 60 mins)

  • Java or Python(MCQ): 20 questions
  • Database Management Systems(MCQ): 10 questions
  • Aptitude(mcq): 10 questions
  • Marking Scheme: +1 for correct and -0.25 for incorrect answer

Final Round (3 hours)

  • Java or Python (hands-on): 2questions
  • Java or Python (MCQ): 10 questions
  • Database Management Systems (MCQ): 10 questions
  • Marking Scheme: No negative marking

If you score 65% or above in this round, you will become an ‘Infosys Certified Software Programmer’. You will also receive an opportunity to appear in a behavioral interview for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys.

Advantage Round (3 hours)

  • Programming Questions with varying level of difficulty (3 questions)
  • Each question will have a different weightage of marks. Roughly around 225 marks

Students who cleared the Advantage Round will get a pre-replacement interview opportunity for either a Power Programmer or a Systems Engineer Specialist role based on their performance in the Advantage Round.

The interview for these roles will assess the technical and behavioral skills of the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for InfyTQ

1) Is there a minimum percentage required in 10th/12th/graduation/post-graduation to register for Infosys Certification?

No, you do not require a minimum percentage to register for Infosys Certification.

2) Do I need to complete the learning journey on InfyTQ before taking the Infosys Certification?

If you think you are competent enough to take the examination without completing the recommended learning journey, you may directly take the Infosys Certification.

3) How to Prepare for InfyTQ?

You can prepare for InfyTQ using the free learning videos by Talent Battle on the YouTube channel.

4) Will the Test Rounds be Online or Offline?

The test rounds will be online

5) How many times can I give InfyTQ exam?

You can reappear for the assessment one month after your first attempt and 3 months post your second attempt.

6) I am facing a Profile Error while Registering, What should I do?

Once you click on the Register button you will get a page where you need to upload you fill in all the details along with your profile picture. The error occurs if you don't upload your profile picture, hence upload all details along with the profile picture and your error will be solved. Check the below screenshots for details

7) I am able to see the drop-down list of highest qualification and specialization, what should I do?

You can click on the drop-down list of highest qualification type click on postgrad/masters, you will now see a dropdown of highest qualification working, now again in highest qualification type make it graduation/bachelors, now you will be able to see dropdown qualification for bachelor engineering or a bachelor of technology and also you can see drop down specialization working. Check the below screenshots for details

8) My college not there on the list what should I do?

You can select your state and then select the "Other" option from the college list which is at the top of the list, check the screenshot below for reference.

9) I am fulfilling the eligibility criteria but Register Now button is disabled for me, what should I do?

 The reason for this is because you have selected the incorrect highest qualification. Go to your profile and choose the correct highest qualification. Register Now button will be activated only if you are from B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech., M.Sc., MCA, or an MCM and select the qualification correctly in your profile.

10) I am not able to change the highest qualification while registering, what should I do?

While registering for InfyTQ Exam once you click on the register button you will get a profile details form in which the highest qualification is directly fetched from your profile which you filled while registering on the InfyTQ platform. First, you need to edit your highest qualification from the profile and then register for the exam. Once you change it from your profile while registering for the exam you will get the correct highest qualification. 

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InfyTQ Practice & Sample Questions from Previous Year Slots and Official Sample Test.

Here are some of the previous year InfyTQ question and answers from each of the InfyTQ exam section. Find InfyTQ Java Mcqs, InfyTQ Aptitude Questions, InfyTQ Python Mcqs. All explained and solved by our top technical and aptitude trainers.