Persistent Systems is a technology services company which was incorporated on 16 May 1990 as Persistent Systems Private Limited. Persistent Systems is a technology service company. Industry is IT services. And it was subsequently converted into the public limited company. There are many key people in the company. The headquarters are located in Pune, India. More than 9000 employees are working in the organization. The company core process is to be a well-respected technology company focused on delivering in class innovation solutions to its customers and partners.

  • Any individual with any Graduates/ Post Graduates, BE, B.Tech, MBA, MCA, ME, M.Tech is eligible to apply.
  • The individual must have a minimum of 65% throughout education.
  • A maximum of 1 year of a gap is permissible in the entire education.
  • No active backlogs are permissible at the time of the selection process.
  • People should have at least two certified courses like Java, Oracle, Html, and CSS, etc

Persistent Systems - test would be of 60 minutes and will have questions from the following categories:

1) General Aptitude

2) Technical Questions

3) Essay Writing

4) Coding Statement




Number of questions


General Aptitude & Technical aptitude questions


60 mins

Essay Writing


10 mins

Coding Statement


10 mins


The selection process for Persistent mainly has 3 rounds as below :

  1. Online Test - Out of 60 questions, about 5 questions belong to aptitude while the rest of the questions belong to software section from networking, DBMS, OS, CPP, Data Structure and algorithm.
  2. Programming Test - The coding round is conducted after the online test. It has a simple data structure question to be completed within a time frame of 10 mins.
  3. Essay Round - The candidate must compose an essay on the given respective topic within 10 mins.

Interview Round

This round may comprise into single or two different rounds. It is usually of about 50 minutes. A grasp over basic oops concepts like what Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation is needed.

Having understood your degree of knowledge and professionalism so far, the last round is usually a formality one where questions are asked based on some advanced technical knowledge like Boolean loops, etc.

The HR Round is informal and you are usually quizzed about your ambitions, life plans, etc.

You can visit the careers tab on Persistent Portal to grab more opportunities.