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TCS National Qualifier Test TCS NQT (Ninja) is a National Qualifier Test conducted by Tata Consultancy Services.

Last Updated On: 16-07-2021

TCS Ninja Hiring - Year of Passing 2022 has started!

Important Message by Talent Battle for 2022 Batch Students about TCS-NQT. Read it completely.

  • TCS has launched TCS Ninja hiring for 2022 Batch Students through which they will hire 2022 batch students
  • TCS has not clarified if they will hire 2022 batch students from the paid NQT exams conducted by TCS iON.
  • Currently, we recommend everyone to register for the free Ninja hiring exam
  • If you have already paid for the August or November NQT exam by TCS-iON then you can use that score to apply for other companies which are in tie-up with TCS-iON.

Watch the below video for more details about Free TCS Ninja Hiring for 2022 Batch!

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TCS Ninja Hiring Pattern

TCS-NQT by TCS-iON Platform has various NQT variants on their website. But, if you want to get placed in TCS and looking for a developer role in TCS, then below are the two mandatory variants that you need to prepare for:

1. NQT Cognitive Skills

2. Subject NQT (IT-Programming)

NQT Variant

Test Section

Duration (in minutes)

No of Questions 

NQT Cognitive Skills

Verbal Ability



NQT Cognitive Skills

Reasoning Ability



NQT Cognitive Skills

Numerical Ability



Subject NQT (IT-Programming)

Programming Logic  



Subject NQT (IT-Programming)









Once TCS starts its hiring for 2022 Batch then definitely we will update you if there are any changes to the above pattern.

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TCS-NQT Ninja Hiring Important Topics and Syllabus

Numerical ability Syllabus for TCS Ninja Reasoning Ability Syllabus for TCS Ninja

Verbal ability Syllabus for
TCS Ninja

Elementary Statistics

Coding and Decoding

Reading comprehension


Cuts and unfolds

Sentence correction

Time & Work

Attention to detail

Sentence completion

Area & Mensuration

Unboxing a cube

Error Identification

Number System


Synonyms & Antonyms

Linear Equations

Blood Relation

Sentence/Paragraph Re-arrangements

Data Interpretation

Data Arrangements

Fill in the blanks



Simple Interest

Visual Reasoning


Compound Interest

Venn Diagrams


Profit and Loss



Speed, Distance, Time

Statement Assumption


Ratio and Proportion

Statement Conclusion -


Programming Concept MCQ Coding


Programming Fundamentals

Looping statements

Conditional & Looping Statements

Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)


Standard Template Libraries (STL)




Data Structures: Linked List, Stack, Queue, Trees, and Graphs


Basic Software Development Life Cycle












Object Modeling


Compiler Design


Control statements




TCS Ninja Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Percentage: Minimum aggregate (all subjects in all semesters) marks should be 60% or 6 CGPA in Class Xth, Class XIIth, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation and Post-Graduation examination
  • Backlogs / Arrears / ATKT: Students should not have more than 1 active backlog/arrear/ ATKT at the time of appearing for the TCS Selection process in the highest qualification. If selected, students should not have any pending backlog or arrear at the time of joining TCS
  • Gap / Break-in Education: It is mandatory to declare gaps in education if any. Break-in education should not be due to extended education (examinations cleared after the time stipulated by the Board / University). Any break in education should not exceed 24 months and is permissible only for valid reasons. Relevant document proof, as applicable, will be checked for gaps in education
  • Course Types: Only Full-Time courses will be considered (Part-Time / Correspondence courses will not be considered). Students who have completed their Secondary and/or Senior Secondary course from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) are also eligible to apply if the other courses are full time. All pending backlogs should be completed within the stipulated time duration
  • Work Experience: Students with prior work experience of up to 2 years are eligible to apply for the TCS Ninja hiring process
  • Age: Students should be of 18 to 28 years of age to participate in the TCS Ninja hiring process
  • Courses & Discipline: UG/PG Engineering Courses from B.E. / B.Tech / M.E. / M.Tech / MCA / M.Sc from any specialization offered by the university / college are only eligible to apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between NQT & TCS Ninja Hiring?

TCS iON (NQT) is the Test Provider for the TCS Ninja Hiring Selection process. Students need to complete the TCS NextStep Application Process (Including Apply For Drive) to take part in Ninja Hiring.

Q. What are the TCS Ninja Test dates?

The test dates are 30th August 2021 onwards. The exact test date will be communicated individually to students.

Q. Is the TCS Ninja Hiring registration free or paid?

It is free.

Q. Which year-of-passing (YoP) and the stream are eligible for TCS Ninja Hiring?

Students of the 2022 Year of Passing (YoP) are eligible. UG/PG Engineering Courses from B.E./B.Tech/M.E./M.Tech/MCA/M.Sc from any specialization offered by recognized universities/colleges are eligible.

Q: My college has a CGPA grading system. However, in my application form, there is only one option to update my marks. What should I do?

Please convert CGPA into a percentage, complete the application form and click on 'Apply for Drive'.

Q: I have forgotten my CT/DT Reference ID. Where do I get it?

You would have got an email from upon successful registration. The Reference ID would be mentioned in the same. For further queries, write to

Q: I have created 2 profiles. What should I do now?

Only 1 profile needs to be created per candidate. The duplicate profile should not be created. Please write to for the deletion of your duplicate profile.

Q: Will interviews also be conducted on the day of the test?

No, basis the test performance, the interview schedule will be communicated to the shortlisted students on their respective registered email IDs.

Q: How will I know about my test schedule/test-related information?

Information related to the test will be communicated by TCS iON.

Q: How will we get the results of the Test?

As part of the hiring process, only shortlisted students will receive further communication on their registered email IDs.

Q: Whom do I contact for any assistance?

For any assistance, please reach out to the TCS Helpdesk Team:

Email ID -

Toll-Free Helpline No - 18002093111

TCS-NQT Sample Questions (These Questions are from the Actual TCS NQT drive)

TCS-NQT Numerical Ability Questions


Q1) A man has to travel 50 km in two hours. He could cover 20 km in one hour and then had to stop for 10 minutes for refuelling. By what factor should he increase his speed with reference to that during the first hour so as to be able to complete the journey as per schedule?

A.  1.2

B.  1.8

C.  2.4

D.  1.5
Answer: Option B


Q2) What is the diameter in cm of a solid right circular cylinder whose height is 6 cm and the area of the curved surface is five times the combined area of the two flat surfaces?

A. 3

B.  2.4

C.  1.2

D.  0.9
Answer: Option B


Q3) If n is an integer such that 1nn352 is a six-digit number exactly divisible by 24, What will be the sum of the possible values of n?
 A. 15

B.  27

C.  9

D.  21
Answer: Option A


Q4) What is mean proportional (MP) between the MPs of (2/7 & 32/343) and (2 & 1/5000)?

A. 3/35

B. 4/35

C. 2/35

D. 2/175
Answer: Option B


Q5) How much percentage is (0.025% of 240% of 1.5) of 0.9?

A. 0.01

B. 10

C. 0.1

D. 1
Answer: Option C


TCS-NQT Verbal Ability Questions

Q1) One part of the sentence below may contain may error. Identify the part. If there is no error, choose "No error". Everyday life have become more complicated with the advancement in mobile technology. 

A. More complicated with the

B. Everyday life have become

C. No error

D. Advancement in mobile technology
Answer: Option B


Q2) The following three sentences can be revised into one better sentence. Choose the sentence that is the best revision: (i) I was at the fair. (ii) I got lost. (iii) I got scared.

A. I am scared after I am lost at the fair.

B. I went to fair and got scared as I was lost.

C. I am lost at the fair so I am too scared.

D. I got lost at the fair and was scared.
Answer: Option D


Q3) In which of the following sentences does NOT use informal language?

A. Did you locate our office quite easily?

B. You will be working with different managers during your training.

C. We shall endeavour to inform you of the position in two weeks time.

D. Is there anything else you want to ask me?
Answer: Option B


Q4) The lady _____ purse was lost lodged a complaint at the police station.

A. Who

B. Whose

C. Whom

D. Where
Answer: Option B


Q5) The final report on the project was ______ into three parts

A. Broken up

B. Broken off

C. Broken away

D. Broken out
Answer: Option A


TCS-NQT Logical Ability Questions

Q1) There are five rods K, L, M, N and O. The weight of O is twice the weight of L. The weight of L is equal to the weight of K and M taken together. The weight of M is twice the weight of K. The weight of N is thrice the weight of M. If the weight of N is 90 kg. What will be the weight of O?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
A. 105 kg

B. 60 kg

C. 120 kg

D. 90 kg
Answer: Option D


Q2) Which is the wrong term in the following series? CMQ, FPT, JTX, OYC, UFI




Answer: Option D


Q3) In a certain code, A % B means 'A is the brother of B', A & B means 'A is the mother of B', A @ B means 'A is the daughter of B', A $ B means 'A is the father of B' and A # B means 'A is the sister of B'.  If K $ Z % U & H # N @ T, how is T related to U? 

A. Sister

B. Husband

C. Wife

D. Brother
Answer: Option B


Q4) Five teachers P, Q, R, S and T teach a group of students in sequence between 9 and 2 pm. Each teacher teaches for one hour. Q takes the first class. S teaches just after T, R teaches before P and T. Who takes the second class from 10 am to 11 am?

A. S

B. R

C. P

D. T
Answer: Option B


Q5) Given below is a question followed by two statements. I and II, each containing some information. Which of the following statements is/are sufficient to answer the question?  How is A related to C? Statements: I. A is the wife of B and B is the brother of C. II. C is the son of D.

A. Both I and II together are not sufficient

B. Statement I alone is sufficient.

C. Statement II alone is sufficient

D. Both I and II together are sufficient.
Answer: Option B


TCS-NQT Programming MCQs Questions

Q1) Given here is a scenario. Consider the graph algorithm and answer the given question. John wants to go to different locations of the city in which he is. He has listed all of them down. However, he wants to visit one location before visiting some other location. What application of graphs he uses to determine that location?


B. Dijkstra's


D. Topological Sorting
Answer: Option D


Q2) There are two integer numbers X and Y that are between 0 to 25. User stores the value under a 5 bit number. How many minimum bits are required to store the result of the below expression?
A. 4

B. 5

C. 7

D. 8
Answer: Option D, 
Explanation: If we perform X-Y the possible answers shall be from -75 to 75. In order to store this we need 8 bits.


Q3) When we declare constant pointer to integer, we CANNOT change: 

A. address in pointer variable

B. changes are not permitted

C. either address in pointer variable or value at that address

D. Value pointed by the pointer.
Answer: Option B


Q4) Which among the following is a server-based paradigm? 

A. Request for Information (RFI)

B. Cloud Computing

C. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

D. Data Validation Routine
Answer: Option B



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