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Eager to become a master web developer? Then this course starting from basics will help you to become a expert web developer!

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An expert trainer will help you learn website development from scratch!

We will cover concepts form following technologies from basics:


Features of the course:

1) A detailed day-wise schedule will be provided to get maximum results.

2) Certification after completion of course

3) Create a web project at the end of course.

4) You can watch courses at any time on a laptop as well as mobile. It's a recorded course.

5) This course covers all you need to know about becoming a top skilled web developer even if you never programmed before!

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HTML INTRODUCTION: History of Html, Basic Design (Structure of Webpages),Structure of HTML

HEADER SECTION: Meta, Link, Script, Style with all attributes

BODY SECTION: Text Based Tags, Link Based Tags, Media Based Tag with all attributes

FORM: Form Input - Text, Password, Radio, Submit, Button, Reset, Checkbox, Select Text Area Legend Option Field Set with all attributes

LIST: Ordered List, Unordered List, Li, Data List with all attributes

TABLE: Tr, Thead, Td, Tfoot with all attributes

BLOCK: Div, IFrame, Span with all attributes, FRAME, Frameset with all attributes

History of Html5, Supportability - API,GUI, Geo Location, Dropdown

MEDIA CONTENT: Audio, Video, Embed, Sourceup, STRUCTURE ELEMENT, Summary, CommandDetails, Article & Aside, Group with all attributes

FORM HANDLING: Date, Day, Month, Hour, Minutes, Seconds, Microseconds with all attributes

OUTPUT ADDITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Required, Autofocus, Autocomplete, Checked, Unchecked, Selected, Figure, Section, Place Holder, Progress, Metre, Mark, Strong with all attributes


INTRODUCTION : History of Css, Types - External, Internal, Inline, Syntax and Comments, Selectors

Background: Color, Image, Repeat, Attachment, Position
Text: Color, Align, Decoration, Transformation, Indent
Font: Family, Size, Style

Style Link: Link, Visited, Hover, Active

Table: Border, Height, Width, align, Padding, Bgcolor

List: Type[UL]-Circle,Square;OL-A,a,I,i,1, Type-Img
Border, Margin

Outline, Padding, Display-Position, History of Css3

Background & Borders: Shadow, Image, Radious
Box Shadow: Top, Bottom
Font: Font-Face

Border – Image, Round, Stretch
Text Effect: Shadow, Word Wrap

2D Transforms: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Skew, Matrix
3D Transforms: Rotate X, Rotate Y

Animations, Multiple Column: Count, Gap, Rule


INTRODUCTION: JavaScript Introduction, JavaScript Example, External JavaScript, JS Comment, JS Variable.

JS Global: Variable, JS Data Types, JS Operators, JS If Statement, JS Switch, JS Loop, JS Function, JS Object, JS Array,JS String, JS Date, JS Math, JS Number, JS Boolean

BROWSER OBJECTS: Window Object, History Object, Navigator Object, Screen Object

JS EVENTS: Onclick, Ondblclick, Onfocus, Onblur, Onsubmit,Onmouseover, Onmouseout, Onmousedown, Onmouseup, Onload, Onunload, Onscroll, Onresized, Onreset, Onkeydown, Onkeypress, Onkeyup

DOCUMENT OBJECT: getElementById, getElementsByName, getElementsByTagName, JS innerHTML property, JS innerText property

JS Form Validation, JS Email Validation

JAVASCRIPT COOKIES, JS Cookies, Cookie Attributes, Cookie with multiple Name, Deleting Cookies

JAVASCRIPT OOPS, Class, Object, Prototype, constructor Method, static Method, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Exception Handling, JavaScript try-catch

this Keyword, Debugging, Hoisting, Strict Mode, JavaScript Promise, Compare dates


INTRODUCTION: What is Jquery?, Jquery History, Jquery Example, Jquery Selectors

JQUERY EFFECTS: Jquery hide(), Jquery show(), Jquery toggle(), Jquery fadeIn(), Jquery fadeOut(), Jquery fadeToggle(), Jquery fadeTo(), Jquery slideDown(), Jquery slideUp(), Jquery slideToggle(), Jquery animate(), Jquery delay(), Jquery html(), Jquery text(), Jquery val(), Jquery css(), Jquery before(), Jquery prepend(), Jquery after(), Jquery insertAfter(), Jquery append(), Jquery appendTo(), Jquery clone(), Jquery remove(), Jquery empty(), Jquery detach(), Jquery scrollTop(), Jquery attr(), Jquery prop(), Jquery offset(), Jquery position(), Jquery addClass(), Jquery hasClass(), Jquery toggleClass(), Jquery width(), Jquery height(), Jquery innerWidth(), Jquery innerHeight(), Jquery outerWidth(), Jquery outerHeight(), Jquery wrap()

JQUERY EVENTS:  Jquery click(), Jquery bind(), Jquery blur(), Jquery focus(), Jquery select(), Jquery change(), Jquery mousedown(), Jquery mouseup(), Jquery mouseover(), Jquery mouseout(), Jquery load(), Jquery unload(), Jquery delegate(), Jquery submit(), Jquery keydown(), Jquery keypress() ,Jquery keyup(), Jquery mouseenter(), Jquery mouseleave(), Jquery hover(), J0query Serialize(), Jquery Serializearray()


INTRODUCTION: What is PHP, Install PHP, Example, Echo, Print, Variable, Constants, Data Types, Operators, Comments

If else, Switch, For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop, Break

Functions, Call By Value, Call By Reference, Default Arguments, Variable Arguments, Recursive Function

Array, Indexed Array, Associative Array, Multidimensional Array, Array Functions

String, String Functions 

Math Functions, Form: Get Post, include & require, Cookie, Session

File Handling, Open File, Read File, Write File, Append File, Delete File, File Upload, Download File,  Mail


KEY CONSTRAINTS, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Candidate Key, Unique Key, Normalization Overview

JOINS, Inner Join, Outer Join


INTRODUCTION: What is AJAX?, AsynchronousAjax Technologies, XMLHttpRequest, How AJAX Works?, AJAX Example, AJAX with Database


Bootstrap Scaffolding, What Is Bootstrap?, Bootstrap File Structure, Basic HTML Template, Global Styles, Default Grid System, Fluid Grid System

Bootstrap CSS, Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Icons

Bootstrap Layout Components, Dropdown Menus, Button Groups, Buttons with Dropdowns, Navigation Elements, Navbar, Breadcrumbs, Pagination, Labels, Badges, Typographic Elements, Thumbnails, Alerts, Progress Bars, Media Object

Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins: Overview, Transitions, Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Toggleable Tabs, Tooltips, Popover, Alerts, Buttons, Collapse, Carousel, Typeahead

Using Bootstrap, GitHub Project, Customizing Bootstrap, Built with Bootsrap

Web Development Master Course
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₹8999 ₹2499 
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This package includes :


JAVASCRIPT - Complete Learning Course

JAVASCRIPT - Complete Learning Course

JAVASCRIPT - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
HTML - Complete Learning Course

HTML - Complete Learning Course

HTML - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
CSS - Complete Learning Course

CSS - Complete Learning Course

CSS - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
JQUERY - Complete Learning Course

JQUERY - Complete Learning Course

JQUERY - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
PHP & MYSQL - Complete Learning Course

PHP & MYSQL - Complete Learning Course

PHP & MYSQL - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
AJAX - Complete Learning Course

AJAX - Complete Learning Course

AJAX - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced
BOOTSTRAP - Complete Learning Course

BOOTSTRAP - Complete Learning Course

BOOTSTRAP - Complete Learning Course From Basic To Advanced