Aptitude Preparation Training

Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability.

₹1200 ₹899 

All the placement opportunities and competitive exams start with the general aptitude test. If you are afraid of aptitude concepts, we assure that this course/ live training will make you ready for any aptitude test.

Our experts are well known for their teaching methods which will help to understand aptitude concepts in the easiest and quickest possible way.

Motive of the Live Training and Who should do it ?

  • Before starting any company-specific preparation it is very important to clear all your General Aptitude Basic clear and becoming proficient in solving at least easy and medium level aptitude questions so that you can become capable of tackling difficult aptitude questions.

  • This Live Training is specially crafted from students who need to learn aptitude right from basics and take it to higher levels. This Live Training is also suitable for the students who want to brush up their basics and know new tricks,tips and ways to tackle aptitude problems. Student preparing for campus placements or starting preparation for all competitive exams can take up this training.

  • This Live Training will be conducted by the Co-Founders of Talent Battle themselves who are expert aptitude trainers working in field on-campus recruitment training for past 6 years and have placed thousands of students with their extraordinary teaching capability.

Contents of the Online Training :

  • 40+ hours of Online training on all important chapter of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability.

  • Special Doubt Clearing Sessions

  • 30 Section Wise, Topic Wise and Mix Mock Tests for Practice.

  • A Practice Question Bank of 1000 + questions.


Note: Recordings of the Missed session will be provided with time validity.Contact Us on Whatsapp: +91-8459943139 or mail us on contact@talentbattle.in

Aptitude Preparation Training