Python Programming Basics to Advanced Course

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This Python  Programming Online Training will help all stream students to learn Python programming right from the basics and help then crack programming rounds for all major companies.

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All the stream students can take this training to learn to program from the basics which will help crack programming rounds conducted by various companies.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

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An expert trainer will help you learn Python!

Features of the course:

1) A detailed day-wise schedule will be provided to get maximum results.

2) Certification after completion of course

3) Create hands-on projects at the end of the course.

4) You can watch courses at any time on a laptop as well as mobile. It's a recorded course.

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Basic + Advanced Python Course Brief Content:

1) Python Overview:

·         What is  a Python?

·         Origin of Python

·         Features

·         Applications

·         Advantages and Disadvantages

·         Comparison with other languages

2) Installation and Environment Setup :

·         Latest python version 3 installation

·         Types of Python Interpreters

·         Testing and Debugging Python Program

·         Turtle Demo

·         Types of Python file extension

·         How to write first Python program?

·         Execution mode of Python

3) Introduction and Implementations of Data Types with its methods and operations:

·         Number

·         String

·         List

·         Tuples

·         Dictionary

·         Set

4) Functions :

·         Defining Function

·         Use of Arguments and Parameters

·         Scope of  Variables

·         Recursion Function    


·         Types of Operators

·         Implementation of Operator Methods

6)Logical Expression:

·         What is a logical expression?

·         if statement

·         if....else statement

·         if...elif...else statement

·         Nested if statement


·         What is a loop?

·         for loop

·         while loop

·         Nested loops

·         Loop Control Statements

8)File Handling :

·         File Handling Access modes

·         Open and Close functions

·         Read and Write functions

·         Read, Write and Append modes with Examples

·         File Methods

9) Introduction and Implementation of Basic Inbuilt Library Modules:

·         Time               

·         Date-Time

·         Calendar

·         Copy

10) Introduction and Implementation of Basic Keywords:

·         Implementation of  map, execute, yield, filter etc. functions

·         Understanding and use of " if__name__=__main__" method

11) Basic Python Projects:

·         Scientific Calculator by using pattern , math and random modules

·         Manual Ticketing Booking App by using Basic Python and file handling

12) Introduction and Implementation of Advance Inbuilt Library Modules:

·         Sys                  

·         Pickle

13) Introduction and Implementation of  Object Oriented Programming:

·         Core Concept and Features of OOPs

·         Advantages of OOPs

·         Classes ,Objects and Constructor

·         Class Methods

·         Implementation of  Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Data Abstraction etc.

·         Garbage Collection

14) Regular Expression:

·         Python RE module

·         Regular Expression patterns

·         RE methods and functions

15) Error and Exception Handling:

·         Errors and Exceptions in Program

·         Python Built-In Exceptions

·         What are the Exception Handling Blocks in Python?

·         The try, except and finally blocks

·         Raise and Assert Statements

16) GUI Programming Using Tkinter:

·         GUI Modules in Python

·         Python Tkinter module

·         Tkinter Windgets

·         Tkinter Attributes

·         Geometry Management Methods

17) Database Programming:

·         Use of Database

·         Installation and Setup of SQLITE Database

·         CRUD Operation on Database

·         Create SQL queries of Database

·         Create Database connection with Different Databases

18) Network Programming:

·         What is a Socket?

·         How to do Socket Programming?

·         Network Programming Modules in Python

·         Socket Methods

·         Server and Client Programming

19) Sending Mails:

·         SMTP  Module in Python

·         How to use SSL methods?

·         Sending Plain Text mail

·         Sending Fancy mails

·         Sending mail with Attachments

·         Sending Personalized mail

·         Yagmail

·         Bulk Mail Methods

20) Modules and Packages:

·         Using Modules in Programs

·         Writing and Importing User Defined Modules

·         Creation and Use of Packages

21) Advance Python Project:

·         Windows Based Customized Country Trip Booking System with Bill Receipt

22) Deploy Python Application in User Friendly Format:

·         Application Deploying Methods for Python

·         .py to .exe conversion

Python Programming Basics to Advanced Course
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Python Programming Course

Python Programming Course

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