Cognizant Pack of 3 Tests

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This Test Pack consists of 3 Cognizant Recruitment Specific Mock Tests. All 3 tests will be according to actual company Pattern as discussed.

Cognizant Pack of 3 Tests
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Below is the pattern offered by Cognizant for its recruitment process :

This role is majorly offered by CTS into reputed campus only. Unlike the other roles, it has 4 rounds for the recruitment process. The below will give you a brief about the same.


English Comprehension = 22 Questions

Critical Reasoning - 15 Questions

Data Interpretation - 15 Questions

1. Technical Interview

The technical interview round will take up to an hour long. The interviewer may ask you questions based on your resume as well.

2. HR Interview

The HR Interview round will explore personal grounds of any individual asking questions about your strengths, weaknesses, long term plans/vision, flexible shift/location for work, family background & more.