Deloitte (Pack of 3 Tests)

Actual 2018 Deloitte Questions Covered !

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Deloitte conducts recruitment through AMCAT which is an online assessment platform used by a lot of companies for hiring purpose. 

This Test Pack consists of 5 Deloitte Specific Mock Tests with detailed solutions for each question. All 5 tests will according to actual DeloitteTest Pattern as discussed below.

Deloitte’s Written Test Pattern consists of 3 sections, comprising of 75 questions with the time limit of 95 minutes. There is no negative marking in any section. The sections for the aptitude test are:













Computer Programming(Off Campus)



Versant Test



Quantitative Ability.
  1. Number Systems
  2. Averages
  3. Percentage & Interest
  4. Time, Speed & Distance
  5. Geometry
  6. Coordinate Geometry
  7. Logarithms
  8. Quadratic Equations
  9. Probability
  10. Permutation & Combination
  11. Time and Work
  12. Alligation
  13. Few Miscellaneous Questions
  14. Questions based on general logic.
Logical Reasoning
  1. Objective Reasoning
  2. Pattern recognition
  3. Data sufficiency
  4. Blood Relation
  5. Coding deductive logic
  6. Number series pattern recognition
  7. Logical word sequence
Verbal Ability
  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Contextual Vocabulary
  4. Error Identification
  5. Sentence Correction
  6. Sentence Improvement
  7. Subject-Verb agreement
  8. Tenses and Articles
  9. Reading Comprehension
  10. Preposition & Conjunction


Deloitte Versant Test

Deloitte Versant Test is a telephonic round in which an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) tests the language fluency skills of the candidate. The sectional cut off for this round is 75 percentile. There are five sections in this round.

You can attend this test only after you clear the first round i.e the Online Aptitude Test.

Section A – You are made to listen to an audio clip and answer the questions that follow.

Section B – You are made to listen to some sentence and asked to fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

Section C – This section will test your English reading skills. A paragraph will appear on the screen and you have to read it in your normal English accent.

Section D – Here you have to introduce yourself verbally with no grammatical mistakes or errors in the sentence formation.

Section E – A topic will be given and you will have to speak on it for almost a minute.

The cutoff for this section is 75 percentile. The score for the test is sent on your registered email ids.

After these computer-based tests, you will be notified of the results. Next rounds are Group Discussion or a JAM session followed by a Final interview (Technical + HR)

Following are all the topics that come under Computer Programming (For Off-Campus Only)
  1. Data Types
  2. Iteration, Recursion, Decision
  3. Procedure, functions, and scope
  4. Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
  5. Stacks, Queues
  6. Hash Tables
  7. Heaps
  8. Searching and Sorting
  9. Polymorphism
  10. Abstraction
  11. Encapsulation
  12. Complexity Theory
Deloitte (Pack of 3 Tests)
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