Persistent Systems (Pack of 6 Tests)

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Persistent System conducts online recruitment test for candidates from a wide variety of areas. Persistent Systems opportunity is for selected college students. 

This Test Pack consists of 5 Persistent Systems Specific Mock Tests. All 5 tests will be according to actual company Pattern as discussed below.
Coding Statements with solutions will be separately provided to you through mail in a PDF file.

Persistent Systems - test would be of 60 minutes and will have questions from the following categories:

1) General Aptitude
2) Technical Questions

3) Essay Writing

4) Coding Statement


Order of appearance


Number of questions



General Aptitude & Technical aptitude questions


60 mins


Essay Writing


10 mins


Coding Statement



10 mins








Persistent Systems syllabus 2019 for each section is as follows. Carefully prepare each of these topics in Persistent Systems syllabus.

There are generally three rounds for the placement of Persistent Solutions. They are:

  1. Online Test

  2. Technical Interview

  3. HR Interview

Examination Details:

First Round Written Test:-

Out of 60 questions, about 5 to 8 questions were asked from the aptitude part while the rest of the questions were asked from the software section.

Most of the remaining question asked from networking, DBMS, OS, CPP, Data Structure and algorithm.

Coding round

A simple data structure question is generally asked, but the coding paper is checked only if you qualify the written round. There is a time limit of 10 minutes in this round.

1st Technical interview:

It is usually of about 50 minutes. A grasp over basic oops concepts like what is Polymorphism,Abstraction, Encapsulation is needed.

2nd Technical and HR interview:

Having understood your degree of knowledge and professionalism so far, the last round is usually a formality one where questions are asked based on some advanced technical knowledge like Boolean loops etc.

The HR Round is informal and you are usually quizzed about your ambitions, life plans etc.


Persistent Systems (Pack of 6 Tests)
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