TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) - 2020 (Pack of 5 Tests)

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TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) - 2020 is a National Qualifier Test conducted by Tata Consultancy Services in oder to recruitment of candidates from a wide variety of areas. This process of recruitment provides jobs to almost 10k candidates from staggering number of 300000 applicants. Therefore if any candidate passionately wants to work in TCS,that one must have an in-depth knowledge about this exam and the pattern.

This Test Pack consists of 5 TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) - 2020 Specific Mock Tests with detailed solutions for each question. All 5 tests will according to actual TCS Ninja Test Pattern as discussed below.
Coding Statements with solutions will be separately provided to you through mail in a PDF file.

The TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) - 2020 test would be of 90 minutes and will have questions from the following categories:


1) English 
2) Quantitative Aptitude
3) Programming Logic MCQ’s
4) Coding


Order of appearance


Number of questions





   10 mins


Quantitative Aptitude


   30 mins


Programming Concepts


   20 mins




   30 mins






Note: Quantitative aptitude and Programming concepts consists of advanced modules. These advanced modules will have questions of higher difficulty level.


TCS Ninja exam syllabus 2019 for each section is as follows. Carefully prepare each of these topics in TCS Ninja syllabus.


1) Quantitative Aptitude

This section contains 15 aptitude questions which you have to solve in 30 minutes. The standard aptitude section consists of 10 questions and advanced aptitude section consist of 5 questions. The type of questions will be – MCQs and Fill in the blanks. All the MCQs carry a negative marking of 0.33 marks and Fill in the blanks have no negative marking.


The topics covered in this section are:

  • Number system

  • HCF & LCM

  • Time, Speed & Distance

  • Mixtures & Allegations

  • Time & Work, Percentages

  • Permutation  and Combination

  • Profit & Loss

  • Functions

  • Series & Progression

  • Equations

  • Blood Relations

  • Algebra, Averages

  • Geometry

  • Clocks & Calendar

2) Programming Concepts

This section consists of 10 questions which you have to solve in 20 minutes. It also consists of standard and advanced sections. The standard section has 7 questions and advanced section has 3 questions. The marking scheme is the same as the Quantitative ability section. This section tests your basic programming skills like input, output and debugging. The topics covered in this section are:

  • Programming Concepts: Iteration, recursion, procedural vs OOp.

  • C Language: Call by value/reference, basic and derived data types, storage class, scope and visibility, basics of pointers, basic header files, library functions, branching and looping, command line arguments, user-defined functions.

  • Algorithms: Basic search algorithms, basic sort algorithms

    (tree traversal, dynamic programming, etc)

  • Data Structures: Array, Stack, Queue, List (tree, hash table, etc)

3) Coding 

This coding section consists of one question, which is to be solved in 30 minutes. Candidates will use an inbuilt compiler to solve their questions in C/C++/Java/Perl/Python programming language. There is no limit to the number of times you can compile the code.

4) English 

This section consists of 15 questions to be answered in 10 minutes. A small passage will be given with blanks in between the passage. You have to answer each blank by selecting a suitable option from the drop-down menu.This section also contains a negative marking of 0.33. The topics covered will be:

  • Sentence completion 

  • Articles

TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) - 2020 (Pack of 5 Tests)
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