Cognizant Syllabus And Exam Pattern 2024

Cognizant Syllabus And Exam Pattern 2024

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 14 January 2024

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 14 January 2024

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About Cognizant

A worldwide technology business called Cognizant offers clients in a variety of industries consulting, digital, technology, and operational services. Cognizant, a highly sought-after firm, offers a thorough application procedure that includes a syllabus and exam structure that are well-organized.

The syllabus for Cognizant's hiring procedure frequently includes topics like verbal aptitude, logical thinking, technical expertise, and technical aptitude pertinent to the particular position being applied for. Multiple-choice questions that measure the candidate's ability in these areas typically make up the test format.

Additionally, group discussions, technical interviews, and HR interviews may be a part of the Cognizant hiring process. Cognizant may present employment opportunities to the candidate after these phases are finished.

The overall goal of Cognizant's hiring process is to aid companies in identifying candidates with the skills necessary to thrive in today's challenging and fast-paced workplace.

Cognizant Syllabus 2024

The Cognizant 2024 syllabus is divided into four sections: Screening Round, Communication Assessment, Technical assessment and Technical Interview. Each component assesses the candidate's abilities and knowledge in several areas. All the Sections are Elimination Rounds.

Job Role and Package:

  • GenC (4 LPA)
  • Gen C Pro (5.4 LPA)
  • Gen C Next (6.75 LPA)

Cognizant Exam Pattern 2024 Batch

Communication test:

The communication round consists following sections:

There are 3 sections (Duration: 45 minutes)

  • Section 1: Reading and Grammar : In this part, students will read paragraphs and answer questions asked by AI. Questions come one after another, each with its timer. After the timer runs out, the AI will ask questions, and students need to repeat the sentence with correct grammar using their PC mics. Remember to read the sentence or passage thoroughly, stay calm despite the timer, provide answers with proper grammar, and avoid confusion with difficult words to succeed.
  • Section 2: Comprehension and Listening : AI will read one comprehension which students have to listen properly and answer the questiones asked by AI after the passage. Listen Properly and answer with proper grammar.
  • Section 3:speaking : In this section student has to speak on the given topic. Use proper pronounciation without repitition of words and in good vocabulary. Avoid the use of fillers while speaking.


Communication round for Cognizant is an elimination round.

Technical Assessment:

The communication round consists following sections:

There are 3 sections (Duration: 120 minutes)

  • Section 1: Coding. 
  • Section 2: Query-Database/MySQL. 
  • Section 3: Knowledge (MCQ's)


Technical Assessment for Cognizant is an elimination round.



Cognizant Selection Process 2024 Batch

  • Registration process for on Campus hiring.
  • Screening Round: Resume to be shortlisted. It will be an elimination process.
  • Round 1: Communication Assessment: There will be three sections in this assessment and duration will be of 45 minutes. Topics will include Reading and Grammar, Comprehension and Listening, Speaking.
  • Round 2: Technical Assessment: There will be three sections in this assessment and duration will be of 120 minutes. Topics will include:
    • Coding-Python:
      • Data Structures, Functions, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), File Handling, Libraries and Modules, Exception Handling
    • Query - Database / MySQL:
      • DDL, DML, DCL, TCL, Understanding Constraints and their Types, SQL Operators, SQL Functions, Clauses in SQL, Joins and their Types, Sub-queries, Views and Indexes
    • Knowledge(MCQ'S):
      • Unix Commands, Shell Scripting
      • Datawarehouse Basics
      • ETL Concepts(DW, Data Mart, ODS)
      • Cloud Fundamentals
  • Round 3: Technical Interview: Technical interview will be based on computer fundamentals, coding language, data skills and cloud.
  • Letter of Intent: The organization will extend a job offer to the chosen candidates based on their technical interview, HR interview, and Cognizant exam performance.

Eligibility Criteria for Cognizant Placement Drive 2024 Batch

  • B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA/M.Sc IT students from 2024 batch
  • Branch: Any branch is eligible
  • Students should possess consistent academic record with 60% or greater in X, XII, Diploma, UG & PG (all subjects will be taken into consideration) calculated as below.- Aggregate% = sum of all subjects marks scored / total no. of subjects (as of last semester result declared)
  • Students with standing arrears or more than 2 years gap in education are not eligible 
  • At the time of joining, recruits should have an overall aggregate score of 60% or greater (all subjects will be taken into consideration) with no standing arrears
  • Aggregate for the Students who have applied for  re-evaluation (and are waiting for the results) will be derived based on the initial scores
  • CGPA to % conversion will be considered as per University norms
  • Opportunities are open only to Indian nationals
  • Age limit: The candidate must be between 18 to 30. The upper age limit, however, may change based on the particular work criteria and position being sought.
  • Technical requirements: The applicant should be able to create code and understand programming ideas.
  • Work Experience: Professionals with newer or more experience can apply for the Cognizant Exam.
  • Other requirements: A valid identification document from the government, such as a passport, PAN card, or Aadhaar card.

How to prepare for Cognizant Exam 2024

The Cognizant exam preparation process must be methodical and concentrated. The following advice will help you get ready for the Cognizant exam:

  • Understand the test format and Syllabus: Before starting your preparation, you must have a solid understanding of the Cognizant test format and syllabus. You will be able to concentrate on essential topics and organize your study time effectively as an outcome.
  • Develop Strong Foundations: The Cognizant exam examines your fundamental knowledge of various topics, including Verbal Ability, Programming Theories, and Coding. Thus, you must build a solid base in these fields to do well on the test.
  • Regular practice: Regular practice is essential to passing the Cognizant exam. Complete as many practice problems and test papers as possible to increase speed and accuracy. You can pinpoint your weak areas and work on them with regular practice.
  • Utilise Online tools: You can use various online tools to assist you in getting ready for the Cognizant exam. Mock exams, video lectures, and online study tools can all be used to strengthen your preparation.
  • Time Management: Managing your time well can help you perform on the Cognizant exam 2024. While taking the exam, you must develop good time management skills. Before tackling the challenging ones, try to solve the simpler ones.
  • Revision: An essential component of your preparation plan is revision. To retain the material, make sure to review all the topics regularly.


Understanding the Cognizant exam pattern and syllabus, building solid foundations, practicing consistently, using online resources, managing time well, staying up to date with current industry developments, and revising frequently are all crucial. Students can thoroughly study for the Cognizant exam and boost their chances of being chosen for the following selection process by heeding these recommendations.

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