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by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 10 May 2024

Off-Campus Updates and Free Placement Preparation Material by Talent Battle!

We provide off-campus updates, placement preparatory materials and videos, and much more on our Whatsapp Groups, Telegram Channel, and YouTube Channel. Join on the below links according to your Pass-out Batch!

Our Placement preparation WhatsApp groups and social media channels are online platforms where students and job seekers can connect with us and get resources and information related to placement exams and job opportunities. These groups and channels can be a valuable source of support and guidance for students and job seekers who are preparing for placement exams and looking for job opportunities. They can provide access to study materials, practice questions, tips and tricks, and other useful resources that can help students and job seekers improve their chances of success in the placement process. Additionally, these groups and channels can provide a platform for networking and connect with other students and job seekers who are also preparing for placement exams, which can be a valuable source of support and motivation.

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