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An international IT corporation called HP (Hewlett-Packard) sells hardware, software, and related commercial services.

Around 5 to 11 LPA.

Around 10 to 15% hike based on your performance in the current year.

HP conducts 4-5 rounds to onboard freshers as a software developer.
These are:-
1.Written Round
2. Technical Round 1
3. Technical Round 2
4. Technical Round 3
5. HR Round

Check details:

The General Aptitude Test, Verbal Ability Test, and Technical Test are the three main portions of the Written Round. The General Aptitude Test includes sections on verbal ability, logical reasoning, and mathematical reasoning.
Students who pass the written examination are invited to the technical interview. You must understand your fundamentals in order to pass this round. Data structures and algorithms, DBMS, operating systems, networking, and OOPs principles should all be familiar to you. Other than CS, students from other branches should prepare for the following two subjects. In the interview, students will be required to write codes. They inquire about your resume as well. In this round, problems might be asked of you.

HP was founded in 1939 in United States.