Capgemini Interview Experiences

Capgemini Interview Experiences

18 January 2023

18 January 2023

Capgemini Interview Experiences

Capgemini Interview Experiences

Name: Anonymous

Company name:- Capgemini

Package:- 4.25 LPA 

Job role:- Assistant Software Engineer

Hiring pattern:- 

  1. Technical rounds
  2. Coding round (if performance is best in round 1, otherwise directly communication round)
  3. Communication round
  4. Interview

Test Pattern:

Section A:

20 mins - 20 verbal questions

(Moderate to Hard level verbal questions. Mostly on paragraph based)

Section B:

40 mins -40 Technical questions

(25- Pseudo codes, DSA and Tree-Graphs questions. + 15 Ms office, cloud related questions. Total 40 questions)

Section C:

Gamified rounds

(5 gaming based sub-rounds)

Note: If you perform well in the above all rounds then you will be eligible for (5.75 LPA & 7.15 LPA)

Coding assessment:

(2 coding questions)

  • 1 medium level
  • 2 Hard level (DSA based)

Communication round:

(4.25 LPA candidates directly received communication assessments mails. And those eligible for 5.75 LPA & 7.25 LPA received after completing coding assessment.)

Note: Communication round elimination round for Capgemini

Interview round:

TR + HR questions

  1. Introduction
  2. What do you know about DSA?
  3. Explain Linkedlist
  4. How it is different from array?
  5. Deployment models of cloud computing.(resume based)
  6. How GCP is different from AWS (resume based)?
  7. Oops pillars
  8. Explain polymorphism.
  9. Why do you want to join IT sector?
  10. Explain exception handling in java.
  11. Code logic for Prime numbers.
  12. Overloading
  13. Overriding
  14. Any questions for me?

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