Cognizant GenC Interview Experiences

Cognizant GenC Interview Experiences

18 January 2023

18 January 2023

Cognizant GenC interview experience 

Cognizant GenC Next interview experience 

Cognizant Interview Experience

Name: Priyanka Masula

Passout year: 2023

Company got placed in: Cognizant-Gen C

Package: 4 LPA

Job role/designation: Program Analyst Trainee

Stages of hiring process: 3 rounds

  1. Aptitude round
  2. Communictaion round (no elimination)
  3. Interview (Technical + HR)

Test pattern:3 sections

  1. verbal ability - 20min
  2. Logical ability  - 20 min
  3. Quantitative ability - 20 min

List of questions:

1)Technical Interview:

  1. Self introduction
  2. UG Project explanation 
  3. What are the languages you know?
  4. Difference between linear and non linear data structure?
  5. What is SQL?
  6. Colour code question
  7. 42+32?
  8. How many times 5 can be subtracted from 35?
  9. There are 3 bulbs 3 rooms 3 switches and you have to switch on the switch and you have to guess which switch is connected to which bulb?

Personal Interview:

  1. Do you want to work in Noida?
  2. If manager is assigning the documentation work without technical work how would you react?
  3. Lockdown experience and pros and cons of lockdown?

Preparation for interview:

Referred the videos of interview preparation from Talent Battle dashboard that gave me confidence to answer any question during interview. Prepared the basics of languages I know and practised some standard programs.


I am from non-circuit branch. Apart from c language, which you will learn in 1st year, please prepare for one OOPs language like-java, python, c++. Any one language is enough. Be perfect in Data structures also. I suggest to choose Talent Battle for your placement preparation. They will provide preparation schedule which helped me a lot. In aptitude round, most questions were from which I had practised from Talent Battle dashboard. Please practice the practice questions on dashboard that will help you to manage the time during your exam. Please start your preparation from 3rd year only so that you will become ready for your placement exams early. You can go through company specific training after completing all foundation courses.

Answer the questions during interview very confidently. Because of Talent Battle only I Cracked my placement exam. This was my first placement exam and first interview which I had attended and got selected because of Talent Battle. Thank you talent battle team. I had came to know about this preparation source through Instagram. At first I joined  5 days aptitude course, then I realised that it was the best place where I can get more knowledge and that will help me clear my placement rounds. so I had joined Complete masterclass.


Passout Year: 2023

Company Name : Cognizant 

Package: 4LPA

Job role: GenC Role, Software Engineer

Stages :  It’s an on-campus drive for our college. So we I have gone through these rounds.

  1. Resume shortlisting (5th August) 
  2. Online Aptitude assessment (13th August)
  3. Communication assessment 20th August)
  4. Personal SME  Interview (26th August but later rescheduled due to glitch and final interview takes place on 30th August)
  5. Received LOI(30th September)

Aptitude Test Pattern:

  • Quantitative Ability (25 Que - 35 Min)
  • English/Verbal Ability (20 Que - 20 Min)
  • Logical Reasoning (35 Que - 45 Min)

Communication Assessment Pattern:

  • Reading and Grammar
  • Comprehension and listening
  • Speaking

Note: Total time was 45 min for communication test

SME (Subject Matter Expert) /HR and Technical Interview : 28 minutes duration

The interviewer was friendly and he introduced himself then asked me to introduce myself. I gave my introduction for 1-1.5 minutes approx and then he asked me 2 questions on Time Speed Distance and specifically trains topic. I have given both answers correct.

Later he asked me 1 question on Time and Work like A+B=15 days, A:B=5:3, B=? and one final question of aptitude like Length of train is 250 mtrs. Length of bridge is 200mtrs. Time=45 sec, Find speed of train. I have given all answers correctly with full confidence and he got impressed by my speed of solving questions.

Then, he asked me 1 puzzles which was from GFG which he asked me by some twist story as reference to me, question was something like this: 3 bulbs and there are 3 switches I have to identify which switch is connected to which bulb. Answer to this was: first we turn on one bulb for 5-10 minutes and turn it off as its filament would be hot so we can identify later by 2 switches.

Then he asked to JAM(Just a Minute talk) on any random topic of my choice. Basically here he was trying to check my English speaking and sentence framing. I explained him about my mechanical project of final year and he got very much curious how my project works as I explained him all the working and construction.

Technical Interview:

Then later on he asked- which programming language you are comfortable with? 

I said Java, and he asked me very basic questions.

Difference between break and continue statement?

What are loops and explain different types of loops?

Then to confuse me he said that ok as you are comfortable with java what if we assign you to a project of Python? Are you willing to learn it or you are only towards java?

I said sir, I am open to learn Python as well as it is also a programming language and I will learn and implement it and then after my completion of training I can easily get allocated to project.

Then at last he said, Shivam, I appreciate your posture and your way to give answers to all my questions with full confidence.

Last question any questions for me. So I asked about the training program and its duration and how was his experience working with Cognizant.

That’s all and interview went very good and I was sure that I will be selected :)

My Preparation:

As I am student of complete masterclass by Talent Battle, I regularly attended all the live classes of aptitude. The way Aptitude trainers explains the concept is outstanding and all technical I have prepared from live classes of Java. All my concepts were very well polished and I had proper guidance and videos for interview preparation as well as communication round.


Prepare your English communication skills as well, as it is the only key factor which is going to help in your interview give as many mock  interview you can and prepare all basics questions for technical part and you are good to go.

Once again THANK YOU Talent Battle, because this is possible because of your guidance and now I am following your Web Development course and ML course to upgrade my skills.

Cognizant GenC Sample Interviw questions

Interview 1:

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Meaning of your name.
  3. Being ECE student, how did you manage to do all CS related projects?
  4. Explain https protocol.
  5. Explain TCP-IP model.
  6. What is client - server architecture?
  7. What is abstraction?
  8. Real life example of Abstraction
  9. Explain multi-threading
  10. Why did you learn c++ and where it is used?
  11. Write a program for Fibonacci series (screen share)
  12. I was given 2 aptitude questions to solve.
  13. What do you think if you will be relocated to Banglore office?
  14. How was your lockdown?
  15. What activities you did?
  16. What are your strengths?
  17. Any questions for me.

Interview 2:

  1. Self introduction
  2. Questions from personal interests.
  3. Explain your projects
  4. Languages you are familiar with?
  5. Difference between list vs tuples
  6. Functions 
  7. Why python is used?
  8. Core domain question: difference between generator and alternator
  9. Capacitor and inductor difference
  10. Toughest situation you came across in your life 
  11. How do you overcome stress?
  12. Skills of a leader 
  13. 2 logical questions
  14. Ready to work in night shift?
  15. Preferred location. 

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