Deloitte Interview Experiences

Deloitte Interview Experiences

17 January 2023

17 January 2023

Deloitte Interview Experiences

Name: Ameya Dikshit

Passout year: 2023

Company Name: Deloitte USI Consulting

Package: 7.6 LPA

Job Role/ Designation: Analyst

Stages of hiring process:

  1. Aptitude round
  2. Interview round

Written test pattern along with section names and timings:

  • Logical (25 Q for 25 mins)
  • Verbal (25 Q for 25 mins)
  • Quantitative  (25 Q for 35 mins)

List of Questions asked in Technical and Personal Interview separately:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Asked questions about all projects
  3. Asked basics of technologies used in the projects
  4. Experience of all internships
  5. Write a code on prime number in any language(I choose Python)
  6. Asked questions about Python, OOPs and SQL
  7. Asked what are your top 3 best programming languages
  8. Why should we hire you and any questions from your side

How did you prepare for the interview?

I had taken 2 months of TCS NQT training from Talent Battle, so almost all types of questions were covered in this training and I had experience about interviews because of my previous internship so the interview also went well. I’m very good at Python and have a great Python Teaching experience so answer to all the technical questions were known to me.

Suggestions for students (if any):

Practice basics of all types of Aptitude - they are mostly covered in TCS NQT training. Practice coding in minimum 2 languages, study the basics of all skills mentioned on your resume, read reports of your projects again before going for an interview and be confident while giving answers.

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