Focus Edumatics Interview Experiences

Focus Edumatics Interview Experiences

15 March 2023

15 March 2023

Focus Edumatics Interview Experiences

Name: Niharitha Tella.

Passout Year: 2022

Company Name: Focus Edumatics.

Package in LPA: 2.1 LPA + Internet Allowance.

Job Role/ Designation: Online Tutor.

Stages of Hiring Process:

  1. Written Test
  2. Personal Interview

Written Test Pattern: 

  • There will be a written test; they will send out an email regarding the test and timings.
  • Then there, we need to choose the subject in which we are perfect, either English or Mathematics
  • After choosing the subject, the test will be started based on our chosen subject.
  • We must and should complete the exam in one attempt within the given time limit.
  • Finally, if we qualify for the exam, the company will send out an email about the final interview.
  • The Final interview was through a Skype call.

List of questions asked:

  1. (Reminder) It is based on the subject you have chosen during the written test if you have chosen English, the interview will be based on communication skills
  2. If you had chosen Maths, then they will be a chance to ask math-related questions.
  3. Tell me the happiest moment in your school days.   
  4. Are you comfortable with the day shift or night?
  5. Do you have anything to ask?

How did I prepare for the interview:

I used to read many storybooks that helped me with fluent communication throughout the interview process.

Also, I used to watch some youtube videos with subtitles and all that helped me in the interview process.

Suggestions for students:

I only suggest that you people need self-confidence whatever you communicate through, you have to communicate with confidence whether it’s right or wrong.

Learn a new English word every day that helps you out when you are in need.

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