Sankey Business Solutions Interview Experiences

Sankey Business Solutions Interview Experiences

15 March 2023

15 March 2023

Sankey Business Solutions Interview Experiences

Name: Hitesh Bhagat

Pass-out year: 2023

Company Name: Sankey Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Package: 4 LPA

Job Role: Solution Analyst

Stages of hiring process: There were two rounds

  1. Logical Test : Candidates were assessed on Logical reasoning, Input and Output based Programming skills.
  2. Technical Round : Candidates were asked conceptual and detailed questions about any programming language that they are familiar with.
  3. Personal Interview + Technical Interview 


Written test pattern along with section names and timings: 

Logical Test : It consisted of 2 questions and lasted 60 min. Questions were of medium difficulty level. Questions were- 

The 1st question related to arrays (to find the number of triplets that sums greater than a given value), Since I have seen such questions before, I wrote correct code for it.

The 2nd question related to strings and later modified to a different variant of it. That question was seems too difficult. I started by looking at the problem and draw some ways to solutions. I first came up with a wrong code and then I took some time, realized the mistakes and came up with the correct solution.

Technical Round : It consisted of only 1 question and lasted 10 min. In this round Interviewer was interested in my thought process and code cleanliness. 

The question asked is based on the concept of Recursion and since I practiced some of the recursion related questions a week earlier, I came up the solution quickly and wrote clean code. Also, I kept talking to let interviewer know what I was thinking. I think this is very important even if you are stuck somewhere and be open about anything you’re trying, even if it is a native approach. This round also went pretty well. 


List of Questions asked in Technical and Personal interview: 

Technical Interview - The questions in technical interview are based on technical skills mentioned in my resume. Interviewer was mostly interested in knowing my previous work experience and my interest in software development.

 Interviewer asked -

  1. some of python concepts, 
  2. To write some SQL commands, 
  3. Questions about mentioned projects (in detail discussion)
  4. What are the latest trends of technologies you know?
  5. Questions on participation in hackathons and the technical competitions.

Personal Interview - The every next questions in personal interview was based on my answer on current question. The interviewer focuses on my behavioral skills.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. For what you are famous for?
  3. Where you get the chance to showcase your leadership skills?
  4. What are your strengths ?
  5. Are you willing to relocate?
  6. Do you have any questions for us?

My advise is to remain honest and confident in this kind of interview rounds. Also, it would be helpful if you can think of different aspect of your behavior and work beforehand, so that you can quickly come up with the story in the interview.


How did I prepare for interview?

As I gave one interview before for some other company, I was aware about how the interview goes and what interviewer expect from the candidate. For this interview, I gone through the most commonly asked questions in interview, body language tutorials and many interview experiences videos and also the interview simulations on TCS Launchpad to improve my performance. Then I gave the 2 mock interview before this interview which increased my confidence. 

Talking about technical preparation, Before going for interview I overviewed some concepts of the technical skills I mentioned in my resume because interviewer mostly ask questions on the skills you mentioned in the resume. And as I was practicing the C programming questions at that time, it helps me a lot to identify logic for solutions little bit faster. I knew that the interviewer will definitely ask about the mentioned projects so I prepared for it accordingly.   


Suggestions for students (if any):

  • Focus on subjects such as C, Data Structure and Algorithm, C++, Java/Python, DBMS, Operating System, Computer Networks in your college curriculum. Master at least one programming language.
  • Practice the questions on the learned concepts to build the logic and get hands on it. Start from the easy level and most common questions and then level up to difficulty level step by step. More you practice more confident you will be.
  • Then start solving problems on coding platforms such as leetcode, codechef, etc.
  • Do internships based on your knowledge to gain the corporate work experience and which will definitely enhance your resume. 
  • Do at least 2-3 projects to implement your technical skills, this is definitely one of the major aspect for the interviewer to select candidate.
  • Do participate in the coding competitions and hackathons.
  • I recommend Talent Battle platform to prepare for placements, Talent Battle is one of the best platform to learn and practice the aptitude, technical skills, prepare for interview and provide overall skills set which helps me a lot in my preparations.

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