Virtusa Interview Experiences

Virtusa Interview Experiences

17 January 2023

17 January 2023

Virtusa Interview Experience

Hello everyone, I'm Krishna Teja (Talent Battle's Complete Masterclass student) and here is my experience of cracking the Virtusa on-campus drive. 

Company name:- LTI

Package:- 5 LPA



Hiring pattern:

Round 1: Aptitude section

Round 2: Advance coding

Round 3: Interviews


1st Round:

Aptitude  Section

1. Quantitative aptitude

2. Computer science mcqs

3. Basic DSA questions

5. 2 coding question (Questions was written in a complex manner, but code was easy)


2nd Round:

Communication test

1. Reading

2. Fill in the blanks

3. Rectify the sentence

4. Find answers from audio

5. Extempore


3rd Round :

Technical Interview (important questions)

1. What is linked list?

2. Explain slicing in python

3. Explain lambda function

4. Explain abstraction

5. What is Iterator, Generator and Decorator in Python?

6. What is SQL joints?

7. Explain all the joints...

Questions from python are more there as I told my primary language is python.


4th Round :

HR interview

1. Asked general questions are you willing to relocate?

2. Education background, about backlogs, eligibility criteria.

3. About all technical certifications.



Any suggestions from candidate :-

LTI put more focus on eligibility criteria, so read that section carefully.

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