Accenture MS Office Questions

Accenture MS Office Questions

31 August 2023

31 August 2023

Accenture Common Applications & MS Office Previous Year Questions

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Q1) Starting with Microsoft Office 2003, Photo Editor was renamed to :

A.  Manager

B. Picture Manager

C.  Picture Editor

D.  Paint Editor
Answer : Option B


Q2) Is Microsoft Works is part of the Microsoft Office Suite?

A.  yes 

B. no
Answer : Option B


Q3) A feature of MS Office that saves the document automatically after certain interval is called ____

A. Web Page

B. Explorer

C.  FrontPage

D.  DreamWeaver
Answer : Option C


Q4) Which feature is used to make selected sentence to All Captital Letters or All Small Letters ?

A. Change Letter

B. Change Sentence

C.  Change Case

D.  Change Word
Answer : Option C


Q5) Which of these software applications was not part of the first version of Microsoft Office?

A. Paint

B. Outlook

C.  PowerPoint

D.  MS Word
Answer : Option B


Q6) How would you insert the international character shown in the image given below?





Answer : Option B


Q7) Following are two statements given about Font in MS-Word.

Statement 1: When you activate the Mini Translator, it will stay active until you deactivate it within the Translation menu.

Statement 2: When the Mini Translator is activated, the document will be sent to Microsoft Translator as you type.

Choose the correct answer from the option given below.

A.Both the statements are correct.

B.Both the statements are incorrect

C.Only statement 2 is correct.

D.Only statement 1 is correct.

Answer : Option A


Q8) You notice that Word’s Numbering command is supplying automatic numbers to sequential

paragraphs. What can be done to stop this numbering?

I.Click the Numbering button again.

II.Press the Enter key twice to stop numbering.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

A.Neither I nor II

B.Only I

C.Both I and II

D.Only II

Answer : Option C


Q9) Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding proofreading in MS Word?

I.If there is any contextual error in the document, the text will be underlined with a green line in a word document.

II.If there is any spelling error in the document, the text will be underlined with a blue line in a word document.

III.If there is any grammatical error in the document, the text will be underlined with a red line in a word document.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

A.Only statements II and III are correct and statement I is wrong.

B.All statements are false.

C.All statements are true.

D.Only statements I and II are correct and statement III is wrong.

Answer : Option B


Q10) Which of the following is the type of connection that helps us navigate from one slide to another slide in the same presentation and to a slide in another presentation?





Answer : Option C


Q11) Which of the following can be used to close a tab on a browser?





Answer : Option C


Q12) While using formulas in Excel, the notation “B8 : B10” indicates:

A.all cells from B8 to B10

B.the product of cell B8 and Cell B10

C.cell B8 and cell B10 only

D.cell B only

Answer : Option A


Q13) If by an accident a mail is deleted, then which of the following folders will save the mail.





Answer : Option D


Q14) Which key is to be held down to select the word or phrase to be selected in MS Word?





Answer : Option B


Q15) Which of the following commands will take you two steps backward from any particular directory?

A. cd../

B. cd../..

C. cd ..\

D. cd ..\..\

Answer : Option B

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