Goldman Sachs Numerical Computation Previous Year Questions

Goldman Sachs Numerical Computation Previous Year Questions

01 February 2023

01 February 2023

Goldman Sachs Numerical Computation Questions

Q1) If N is the product of even numbers from 2 to 100, and N is divisible by 4725n, find the largest possible value of ‘n’.





Answer : Option


Q2) The ratio of the ages of A and B is 3:5, that of C And D its 2:5 and that of D and B is 1:2 respectively. E is 8 years old and the ratio of the ages of E and C is 4:5. Find the sum of the ages of A and D:

A.50 years

B.80 years

C.75 years

D.55 years

Answer : Option


Q3) Town A’s population last year was 70,000. This year its population becomes 74,725. The male population increased by 5% and the female population increased by 7%. How many Males were there last years in town A?





Answer : Option


Q4) If 11 * 12 = VI;  6 * 8 = XII, 19 * 12 = XII, then what is the value of 9 * 4 =?





Answer : Option


Q5) All the interior angles in a polygon are placed in ascending order. It is noticed that no two angles  are the same, but the difference between two consecutive angles in the sequence is always the same the product of the 1st and the 6th angles in the sequence was 9600 and the 6th angle when divided by 3rd angle gave a quotient of 1 and remainder of 60. how many diagonals can be drawn in the polygon?





Answer : Option


Q6) 240 students appeared for the chemistry practical exam where the teacher asked each of them to perform three experiments. Each student knows how to perform at least one experiment. Given that there are 195 students who can perform the first experiment, 180 students who can perform the second experiment and 165 students who can perform the third experiment, find the minimum number of students who can perform all the three experiments.





Answer : Option


Q7) Brothers John and Britto are trying to open the number lock of suitcase. The key contains 4 digits and They know that all the digits, in the number lock are unique single-digit prime numbers. John and Britto are alternately taking turns randomly guessing the numbers, and giving exactly one try each in their respective turn. If John made the first attempt, what is the probability of Britto opening the suitcase?





Answer : Option


Q8) If 1112a+1113b is devisable by 5, find the number of ordered pairs in (a, b) such that a and b are elements of {1, 2, 3, – – –, 29}





E)   None of the above

Answer : Option


Q9) In the product of two fractions 11/648 and 9/1375, how many zeros are there between the decimal point and the first non-zero digit after the decimal point?

Pick one option





Answer : Option


Q10) Raaj brought a bag after getting a discount of 15%. He then marks up its price (compare to what he brought it for) by 8% and gains Rs.367.20. What will be his profit percentage if he increase the price of the bag by Rs.199.8 more than its original price?





Answer : Option


Q11) A random number is chosen, and each factor of that number is written on a ball, one number per ball. All these balls are placed in a bag and a blindfolded girl randomly picks one ball out of the bag. If the original number was 6480, what is the probability that the ball chosen by the girl has a perfect square number written on it?

A. 9/50

B. 11/48

C. 10/48

D. 12/50

Answer : Option


Q12) The trains started at 8 AM from Station A with a speed of 60 km/hr. After two hours, another train started from Station B towards A with a speed of 72 km/hr. The two trains are expected to cross each other at 12.30 p.m. owing to single problems arising at 11 AM,  the speed of each of them was reduced by the same quantity and they crossed each other at 3 PM. What is the new speed of the train that started from Station A?

A. 18(3/4) km/hr

B. 21(1/2) km/hr

C. 41(1/4) km/hr

D. 45(3/4) km/hr

Answer : Option


Q13) Purvik brings a certain number of sweets in a box to his class on his birthday. He distributed 1 sweet less than half the number of sweets in the box in the 1st period. Then in the 2nd period he distributed 2 sweets less than one-third of the remaining and then, in the 3rd period he distributes 3 sweets less than one-fourth of the remaining. If there are still 36 sweets left in the box. What was the initial number of sweets in the box?





Answer : Option


Q14) Ram, Shyam, and Prem were playing a foodie game, where each person is challenged to eat 30 fruits. For fully eaten fruit they will be awarded Rs.50, but if they eat only half then they will lose Rs.25 as a penalty. If it is not eaten at all, then they will lose only Rs.5. The winner won Rs.530. Ram and Prem ate the same number of full fruits. Prem did not leave any fruit given to him untouched. Shyam  ate 12 full fruits. The number of fruits half eaten by Prem is equal to the number of fruits not eaten by Shyam. The total amount won by Ram and Prem was Rs.980. How much money did Ram and Shyam together lose for all the half  eaten fruits?

A. 350

B. 150

C. 175

D. 550

Answer : Option


Q15) Three cards are drawn simultaneously from a well shuffled pack of 52 cards. What is the probability that two of them are even numbered cards and odd-numbered card?

Pick one option





Answer : Option


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