LTI Technical Previous Year Questions

28 January 2023

LTI Technical Previous Year Questions

L & T Infotech Technical Questions

Q1) A webpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture? 

A. Picture

B. img

C. image

D. src
Answer : Option B


Q2) Which Of these standard collection classes implements a dynamic array?

A. AbstractSet

B. AbstractList 

C. LinkedList

D. ArrayList
Answer : Option D


Q3) How can you make a bulleted list?

A. <ol>

B. <ul>

C. <list>

D. <nl>
Answer : Option B


Q4) What is the output Of this program?

import java.util.*;

class Output


public static void main(String args[])


ArrayList Obj = new ArrayList( );

obj.add( "A");

obj.add(0, "B");

System.Out.println(obj.size( ) );



A. 1

B. 0

C. Any garbage value

D. 2
Answer : Option D


Q5) What is tuple?

A. A row or record in a database table

B. Another name for the key linking different tables in a database

C.  An attribute attached to a record 

D. Another name for a table in an RDBMS 
Answer : Option A


Q6) Reference is__________

A. alias of an object

B. used to rename an object

C. a special operator

D. a pointer to virtual function

Answer : Option A


Q7) Which of the following does NOT refer to a phase in Software Development Life Cycle?

A. Coding

B. Design

C. Testing

D. Object Oriented Design

Answer : Option D


Q8) Long int size is

A. 4 bytes

B. 2 bytes

C. compiler dependent

D. 8 bytes
Answer : Option C


Q9) Which of the following HTML elements create a horizontal rule?


B. <RULE>="horizontal"</RULE>

C. <BR>

D. <HR>
Answer : Option D


Q10) Which of the following is true for an HTML document?

a) It consist of the text to be displayed on the Web page.

b) It consist of information about the formating and structuring of the Web page.

c) It consist of instructions to process the input taken from the Web page. 

A. Only C

B. a and b

C. a and c

D. b and c
Answer : Option B


Q11) The layer in the OST model handles terminal emulation

A. Session

B. Application

C. Presentation

D. transport
Answer : Option B


Q12) Choose the valid statement

A. All variables are initialized to 0 after declaration

B. Only local and static variables have junk values

C. Static and global variables are automatically initialized to zero at the time of declaration

D. All automatic variables are initialized to zero

Answer : OptionC


Q13) Merge sort algorithm uses___________________technique

A.Brute force

B.Dynamic programming


D.Divide and conquer

Answer : Option D


Q14) Data communication system spanning states, countries or the whole world is called _____?




D. None of the above

Answer : Option B


Q15) What is the asymptotic worst case complexity of the given pseudo code

for(i=0;i {

for(j=0;j {


for(k=0;k {





A. O(n)

B. O(1)

C. O(n^2

D. O(n^3)?

Answer : Option D

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