The Ultimate Deloitte Interview Experience Guide 2023: Insider Tips & Insights

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 26 May 2023
  • Deloitte Interview Experience 2023

Deloitte Interview Experience 2023

Q. Can you brief me about yourself and the package and role offered?

I am Ameya Dikshit, an engineering graduate of 2023. I have secured a position as an Analyst at Deloitte USI Consulting, with a package of 7.6 LPA.Stages of the hiring process:

Q. What are the interview rounds? 

  • Aptitude Test

  • Interview round – Technical + HR

Q. What is the nature of the test and duration?

The Test duration was 75 mins.

Quantitative reasoning (25 questions) – 35 mins -Quantitative Ability will test your skills in areas such as LCM & HCF, Time and Work, Averages, Time and Distance, Problems on Trains, Logarithms, Ratio and Proportion, Allegations and Mixtures, Probability, and more.

Logical Reasoning (25 questions) – 25 mins - Logical Reasoning comprises exercises involving Series, Directional Sense, Coding Deductive Logic, Blood Relations, Logical Word Sequence, Data Sufficiency, Mathematical Order, and Inferred Meaning, among others.

Verbal Reasoning (25 questions) – 25 mins - In Verbal Ability, you will encounter tasks such as identifying Synonyms and Antonyms, Reading comprehension, Comprehension Ordering, Sentence Improvement and Construction, Error Identification, and Selecting Words, among others.

Q. What are the questions asked in the Interview Round?

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Questions about all projects
  • Basics of technologies used in the projects
  • Experience with all internships
  • Write a code on the prime number in any language (I choose Python)
  • Questions on  SQL, Python, OOPs
  • What are your 3 favourite programming languages
  • Why should the company hire you? 
  • How is your day?
  • Are you feeling tense?
  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Explain Multithreading in Java?
  • Do we need variable declaration in Python?
  • Tell me about your extracurricular activities?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

What is your approach for the placement preparation?

I had taken 2 months of TCS NQT training from Talent Battle, so almost all types of questions were covered in this training I had experience with interviews because of that I was able to perform well in the interview. I’m very good at Python and have great Python teaching experience so answers to all the technical questions were known to me.

What suggestions would you like to give to students for preparation?

TCS NQT Training is very useful here. Need to practice all aptitude questions. Practice coding in a minimum of 2 languages, study the basics of all skills mentioned on your resume, read reports of your projects again before going for an interview, and be confident while giving answers.


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