Education System in India

Education System in India

31 August 2023

31 August 2023

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 Indian Education System

The Indian Education System is one of the oldest education systems in the world. Several centuries ago, the students studied at Gurukul ashrams and stayed with the teachers until the teacher has taught them everything he had to. Today, every other lane has an educational institute. As a result, the quality of education provided has deteriorated. On the other hand, the premier institutes like IITs and IIMs are a mark of excellence and are famous around the world. The race for grades has often left sports and other extra-curricular activities out of the priority list.

Education and Economy

Education system is the back bone of the economy, which many of us are not aware about. The future of many developing countries lie in the hands of their education system and that is also how we predict the future of a country's economy.

Debate about the Education System

Education system in India is much criticized for its lack of facility and faculty, for provision of placement units and for preparing the students to face the world with practical knowledge of how things work. However, it is also worth noting that our student exchange programs are still popular with students coming from all across the world to study at our universities.

Pros of Indian Education System 

Facts about Indian Education system

In terms of literacy, India is one of those at the top of the world rankings. In fact, Indians are known to be avid readers. According to a survey, an Indian reads an average of almost 11 hours a week. We can see many Indians get selected worldwide in the multi-national companies, creating their own fortune. They are able to perform good in their career only because of quality education provided in India.

Competition amongst the students

Indian education system emphasizes competitive spirit from early stages. Competition teaches students to unleash their full potential. There is a ranking system since school that makes the students strive for performing good. It develops the brain in earlier stages and boosts their thinking power. It teaches to analyse our strengths and weaknesses consistently.


In Indian educational system, we have tests that conducted every month to find out how much have we learned. Many students hate it, but there is a good side. Tests help us understand chapters in depth, memorize them and retrieve it when needed. In other words, we develop a habit of learning by our self, we learn how to priorities topics and the way to remember them. We do this for many years constantly and by the end of our school life, we are master at grasping concepts quickly and effectively.

Moral Science

Most of the primary and middle-class educational systems have included a subject called moral science while this is something that is not taught in foreign universities. This subject teaches students about the basic morals and ethics. Earlier, it was believed that ethics are something that cannot be taught, but our education system has made a first step in that direction. Moreover, many cultural fests and music concerts are encouraged by Indian schools and colleges.


In most of the schools in India, English is a compulsory language and the regional language is also taught with equal importance. We learn to be secular with the help of Indian educational system. Studying at a school where we have students with different religions, we slowly learn how to respect other religions as well.

Cons of Indian Education System

Problem of Indian Education System

Indian education system is not poor as compared to other countries but we are not producing as many scholars as we should be able to produce due to the population and limited resources of our country. That is why, we are bound to say that the Indian education system is not up to the mark. It is because of lack of interest in implementation of proper system, whether it is a government or a private educational institute.

Syllabus Of Indian Education System

The Indian education system relies on book for knowledge, where the questions are just facts from the book. Because of this, it becomes a memory test and not a learning assessment. Students hardly learn from the syllabus due to this theoretical approach of teaching. We are still studying the subjects that have been proposed decades back. Creating an interest for education amongst the students is a very important task, at which the education system truly fails.

Teaching approach

Students are not being taught why they are learning particular subjects and topic. Textbooks do not mention how the topics are relevant in practical life. The student to teacher ratio is also very low. As a result, teachers are not able to concentrate on each and every child. The rise of coaching centers for competitive exams and private tuitions for school children are is resulted by the poor education system, which couldn’t make students job-ready.

Expensive education

High prices of higher education in India is becoming a serious problem. The quality of education provided is associated with the expenditure on it. Higher fees are charged if the institute is well-known. The enormous amounts of donations demanded by private institute are not new. Indian Govt isn’t investing in higher education aspirants. Indian govt is spending only 3% of its GDP on education. Also, there is no control of govt on the fee structure of private educational institutes.

Too much of Burden

Students are learning the subjects just to reach to the next level, i.e obtaining admission from the good college. Students have no freedom to think creatively and to question the content in the textbooks. Also, the textbooks do not mention the importance of physical activity and the extracurricular activities. Most of the schools in India do not have playgrounds. Due to excessive pressure for marks and grades, students are losing their childhood. There is also a rise in the number of suicides by the students because of the peer pressure.


Success stories

Indian educational system has succeeded in the view that – At NASA, many of world’s best brains are working, in which 20% are Indians and all of them are educated in India. Also, many people are holding high posts in India and aboard who received their education in India.

Re-designing the teaching approach

Method of teaching needs a relook. Teachers should encourage logical thinking & creativity in students. There has to be a practical approach to educate the students. The syllabus should be updated with the latest inventions and technologies. Just like Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

Affordable education to all

It is important that quality education must be affordable to all the sections of the society, because every child has the right to education. For this, the condition of the government colleges and institution should be raised to a reasonable level. Also, the government should take steps to extend the number of primary schools in order that people of each village can get education easily. Education loans should be made available easily.

Impartial education

Irrespective of caste, creed and gender quality education must be provided to all. Especially education for girls should be given topmost priority. Also, education should be free of corruption.

The examination issues

Exams should be in a way that a student’s understanding of the subject can be assessed. Not just the syllabus and pedagogy, but also the attitude change towards the marks system need to be changed. Our attitude towards marks and grades needs to be changed.

The modern education system has been supported by one formula: ‘cheap, required and customary education to all’. Even people are able to decide by their conscience that what means of education are going to be best suited to them. Still, many people are ignoramus regarding words and literacy. Hence, it is essential to provide education to all, as other nations are so much ahead within the field of education. It is all in the hand of the government that what should be the exact type of system in which education for all is secured. India is a progressing country and the present scenario of Indian education can be improved a lot.


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