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12 December 2022


  • Media

In mass communication, media refers to the means of mass communication that help spread information or news related to different sectors like sports, education, entertainment, politics, etc., to a large population in a short period of time. Print media and electronic media are two of the major forms of mass media. Let us see how they differ from each other!

  • Print Media

Print media is one of the oldest means of disseminating information. It is a popular form of advertising that uses physically printed media like newspapers, magazines, books, leaflets, brochures etc. Print media has the ability to reach a wider section of people. It uses printing technology and methods to spread news, messages and information amongst the people.

  • Digital Media

Digital media refers to all means of sharing information, except the print media, such as radio, television, internet etc. It is a media that can be shared on electronic devices for the audience viewing and can be broadcasted to the wider population.

  • Print Media vs Digital Media

Progressing with the time, the world has been giving equal importance to the digital media as well. But how is this affecting the print media, or how can we balance between these two widespread techniques of mass communication, Let's see.


  • Trustworthy

Print media is more trustworthy because once the news is published, it cannot be modified or deleted. Whereas in digital media, we can modify or delete the contents. So, those who run the newspapers and magazines will be extra careful while publishing the news or articles. Hence Print media is more trustworthy

  • Choice of reading

A newspaper or magazine article may sit on a table or in a rack at a home or business, allowing for repeated exposures moving forward. Brochures, flyers and other collateral pieces often are reviewed multiple times and shared with other potential buyers. In contrast, many types of digital messaging, including banner ads, disappear after generating an impression.

  • Digital Detox

These days, studies and work involve screen time for many. So, print media is like a break and relief. Moreover, at present more and more people are opting for Digital Detox time. Print media is super useful for them.

  • Print media in villages

Still, some remote areas in India have limited access to the internet. Print media is a blessing for them to know the latest happenings around the world. Also, in order to understand the news printed in the magazines or the newspaper, it is mandatory that the person must know how to read. Print media seems to be of no great use to the illiterates.


  • Wide range

In digital media, the message can be communicated to many people, in no time. Moreover, it uses a range of audio, video, text and graphics in one medium, which makes it the most preferred medium around the world. The content delivered through it, can be recorded or archived for future use. Live programming is another important feature of the electronic media, through which real-time broadcast of different events is possible.

  • Eco-friendly

Going digital is one of the best ways to reduce waste. Paper waste in print studios can be a serious problem towards the environment. In a print-based design studio, the stacks of paper the team uses weekly could fit into two whole rooms. The paper is used for printing out briefs, sharing design ideas with the team, this wastage could easily be rectified by using digital software and facilities more efficiently.

  • Cheaper

Smartphone users are increasing rapidly, and so many digital media platforms are offering content for free due to advertisements. So, people can easily read and watch content without spending much. Also, digital media platforms can generate revenue from old contents too. So, they will get more revenue and hence can invest more in the quality of the content.

  • Authenticity of the news

As anyone can easily generate content for digital media, fake news is on the rise. As a result, unless they are famous and have a good name, digital media platforms are not being trusted by the public. Also, they publish every little thing, so they contain lots of unnecessary news.

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  • The two forms of media

The two forms of mass media, i.e. print media and digital media, is proved helpful in implementing change in people’s habits, beliefs and attitudes. It also makes people aware of different types of crimes and wrongdoings going on in the society, as well as it also helps people in getting updated about the various government policies and changes in the process.

  • Print media is irreplaceable

Several online news websites are bringing their print versions to reach more consumers and to establish credibility. This makes us realize the importance of print media. Also, the print media has been an ancient source of news for the public and has been a part of a daily routine. India is a second largest markets of the newspaper in the world.

  • Fact-check

Whenever some news is being published on the digital media, it is the responsibility of the individual to verify the news from an authentic source and then share it. Also, there should be a regulatory body upon the digital media so as to provide only authentic news to the public.

  • Flexibility

The amount of detail about an incident provided by the newspaper cannot be compared with the headlines or reports presented by the digital media. The way of expression of a particular topic in the newspapers is much clearer and more understandable as compared to the one used in the TV channels. You can re-read an article if required. Sometimes, the ads shown on television or the clickable ads on the websites are annoying.

Bombarded all around, by not just print or digital media, but also outdoor, direct mail and many more, the public can't be expected to choose only one. The media has made the world smaller and closer, that news can reach billions of people in one go. Moreover, it has become the primary mode of promoting and advertising goods and services. The main intent of any media is to pass information to pubic. Be it digital or print media, the public needs to be aware of the news. In India, most of the people in daily lives start with print media and gradually, as the day passes by, switch to digital media. Thus, both print media and digital media go hand in hand and are an essential part of our day to day lives!



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