Virtual Education and Work from home

Virtual Education and Work from home

08 May 2023

08 May 2023

The concept of virtualization

The concept of virtualization of offices or schools is not a new trend. Many companies allow their employees to work from home. Also, we have many online training institutes, for example just like our talent battle. There are also many online certifications that can be done, without commuting to different locations.

The Covid 19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic led to shutdown of the schools, offices, coaching institutes and almost all the major sectors of the economy. But that doesn't mean that it should hamper the work routines.

Due to the advancements in the technologies, we have enough of resources to continue the work-routines even without going to the office or schools. But, has this pandemic given us the glimpse of how the virtual world operates? Has it shown us how we could make changes in our working patterns, post this pandemic? Can we consider these changes as an after effect of the Covid-19? Let's see -


Effectiveness of virtualization

Because of the easily available tools, now an entire 5 storey office can work synchronously from different locations of the world. Because of the E-learning, even during the pandemic, education has not stopped. Virtualization has several benefits. For businesses with limited funds, virtualization helps them stay on budget by eliminating the need to invest in tons of hardware.

Popular tools

We have got many tools, free as well as paid to provide these facilities. Some popular tools being used are Zoom, Microsoft teams, Cisco Webex and Google Meeting. Even amid security concerns, Zoom has gone from being used by 10 million office workers a day to more than 200 million people.


Flexibility has been a key benefit. Be it the employees working for a corporate office or the students, everybody can be in their own comfort zone and work. There is no restriction over the uniforms.

Less wastage of time

The time taken for commutation has been reduced. There is no longer wastage of petrol as well as time. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, it has been observed that people spend more than 3 hours a day just for travelling to their work place.

Decrease in the pollution

The number of vehicles as well as the traffic in the cities has also seen a major decline. We have also witnessed several incidences where the pollution level has gone down and the air quality has increased.

Infrastructure benefits

Less electricity is also used. The reduction in travelling time and costs is not only economical for the employer, but beneficial for employees too. There is no more requirement of multi-storey buildings with expensive furniture if majority of the work-force operates from home.


Difficult to Monitor Performance

It is not easy for managers or the teachers to monitor the progress and performance without them being in the same space. Teachers are not able to know how the students write or what mistakes they make. Students taking a test or quiz online do not have to worry about a professor catching them cheating. Students have the ability to use a book and quickly look up answers online.

Absence of the environment

Whether the school or the office, environment plays a major role. Meeting the colleagues daily, the lunch breaks, the face-to-face meetings all play a major role in the development of one's personality

Decrease in Integration

Working from home will mean that you get involved with the rest of the team less. There is a lack communication between employees which in turn, may decrease an element of team work amongst them. Also, the way we make friends in school can never be compared with a class attended online with 60 random people.

Dependency on technology

The virtualised environment makes us more dependent on the technology. If in case the servers go down for a particular amount of time, the entire working stops. Even during online lectures or online meetings, there is always one member having an unstable internet connection which hampers the smoothness of the meeting. Students living in the remote areas have connectivity issues.

Cyber Crimes

As we are dependent on the technology, we are also prone to cyber-attacks. The details of a confidential meeting held online can be accessed by the platforms used and can be further leaked. This can put the company into huge economic and social threats.

Effectiveness of the feedback

When one receives face to face verbal feedback and constructive criticism from their professors, it instills a motivation to not want to let their seniors down. It is the relationships and bonds that are formed that give face to face interaction a big importance.


Sudden shift is practically impossible

Directly shifting to the virtual world is a bit tedious. Not all have been trained to work in such a tech-saavy way. The employees or the teachers close to their retirements face difficulties in working online with the same efficiency.

Online education is not preferable for all

Especially for the school going children, spending hours attending the classes online is not advisable. There has to be a routine to go to school to give them a sense of discipline. It also makes the children lazy and has a bad impact on their eyes.

Benefits of traditional system over the years

Traditional classroom education can be very structured, and requires the student to learn at a designated place and time. For some, this structure keeps them on track. But for others, sticking to an organized agenda is difficult, especially if they are balancing work or family responsibilities on top of their studies.

50% attendance scheme

Working every-day from home would make lives monotonous. Instead there should be a weekly schedule to be followed as to when to visit office and when to work from home. This would build in excitement amongst the employees. Following a 50% attendance schedule can help to reduce the overhead costs as well as can provide a proper office culture and environment to all.

Improvising the internet connectivity

Internet connectivity and dependency on the online platforms will always be an issue. The most we can improve in this part is by opting for a stable internet connection.

Thus, by maintaining the balance, we can shift some part of such sectors to the virtual world, and keep the most essential part going in the traditional ways, as it has been since decades!

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