The Ultimate Hexaware Interview Experience Guide 2023: Insider Tips & Insights

The Ultimate Hexaware Interview Experience Guide 2023: Insider Tips & Insights

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 03 September 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 03 September 2023

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Hexaware Interview Experience 2023

Q. Can you tell me something about yourself, your role, and the package details?

I am Mounika, graduated in 2022, and applied for a 6LPA position at Hexaware.

Q. Whether it was an on-campus / off campus drive?

It was an on-campus drive.

Q. How did you start your Preparation?

I joined the Talent Battle course which helped me to prepare well for the placement preparation.

Q. How many interview rounds do you face for Hexaware?

I went through two rounds of evaluation which are as follows:

Online Assessment – Aptitude + Technical (75 mins)

Communication Assessment

Interview Round – Technical and HR combined

coding Round (Only for Top Performers in the interview and those who are selected for the 4 LPA Roles)

Managerial Committee Round (Only for Top Performers in the interview and those who are selected for the 4 LPA Roles)

What kinds of questions were asked in Online Assessment?

The Online Assessment was a medium difficulty fitness test that included questions on Quant, logical reasoning, and verbal ability time given is 30 mins, and domain-based 45 questions to be completed in 45 mins.

Some of the Quantitative Questions are:

·         Percentages

·         Ratio & Proportions

·         Time & Age

·         Probability

·         Speed –Distance etc

Logical Reasoning questions asked were

·         Decoding

·         Abstract Pictures

Q. Tell something about the Communication round? 

This round was conducted 10 days after the online assessment. The evaluation process included a system-based evaluation for 45 mins. In this general verbal ability, grammar, reading, and listening skills.

Q. Is the Communication Round an elimination round?

Yes. It is.  

Q. How long will it take to get the result of the Communication round?

The results were announced after 2 days and I was selected for the Technical Interview.

Q. What was asked in the Technical & HR Interview?

The questions were based on

Project related –Since I have done a mini project using Python in Talent Battle. It helped me a lot.

C Programming

Python Programming

OOPs concept

Basic HR-related questions

Q. When the results were announced?

Within a week usually, results are announced after completing the Technical & HR Interview for the 4 LPA package.

Q. How did you qualify for a 6 LPA Role?

I received a call from the company after 2 days mentioning that, was the top performer selected for the next Coding Round.

In Coding Round there were 2 questions

·         Coding Question 1 – It was a Logic-based question

·         Coding Questions 2 – It was related to Data structures

Those who cleared both coding questions would proceed to the Managerial Committee round, which comprised technical and HR questions.

The HR questions were mainly related to migration, and the technical questions covered OOPS concepts and mini-project-based questions on the algorithm used and how your project is different, etc.

 Q. When the result was announced for the 6 LPA Roles?

The results were announced on the same day evening.

Q. Was this an On-campus / Off-campus opportunity?

It was an off-campus opportunity.

 Q. What is the preparation strategy used by you?

 My approach is

·         Check the syllabus

·         Focus on repeated questions, and

·         Manage time effectively.

One should practice solving questions with a timer and concentrate on OOPS concepts and data structures instead of preparing for multiple programming languages. Additionally, attending the Talent Battle Masterclass regularly and preparing accordingly will be beneficial.

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