C Programming Basic Training ( Specially for Non CSE-IT Students)

Learn C from Scratch!

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C Programming Basic Training ( Specially for Non CSE-IT Students)
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C Programming Basic Training ( Specially for Non CSE-IT Students)
  • Nowadays all the IT-companies expect students from all streams for basic programming knowledge They expect students from Electronics and Communication or Mechanical background also to have basic knowledge of programming. C programming is the basic programming language which can be learnt by all Non CSE/IT students to crack programming rounds and technical interviews of various companies.

    This C Programming Basics Live Training of 40 hours will help all Non CS/IT students to learn C programming right from the basic and help then crack programming rounds for all major companies.

    Training Starts Immediately after Enrollment
    Details of the schedule will be conveyed after enrollment. Links to the recorded session will be provided for the sessions which can be watched anytime according to your convenience.

    Who should Take this training?

    All the NON CSE/IT students can take this training to learn programming from the basics which will help crack programming rounds conducted by various companies.

    Contents/Syllabus of Training:

    • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving : The meaning of algorithms Flowcharts, Pseudo codes, Writing algorithms and drawing flowcharts for simple exercises, Memory concepts, History of C, C Program development environment, Types of problems, problems solving with computers
    • Introduction to ‘C’ Language : Importance of ‘C’ Language, Sample ‘C’ Program, Structure of ‘C’ Program, Constants, variables and data types. Operators and expressions, Managing input / output operations, Control statements.
    • Functions: Need for user defined functions, elements of User defined functions, defining functions, return values and their types, function calls, function declaration, methods of parameter passing, User defined and library functions.
    • Arrays and Strings:The meaning of an array, one dimensional and two dimensional arrays, declaration and initialization of arrays, reading , writing and manipulation of above types of arrays, multidimensional arrays. Declaring and initialing string variables, reading string from terminal, writing string to screen, arithmetic operations on characters, putting strings together, comparison of two strings, string handling functions.
    • Structures and Pointers: Defining a structure, declaring structure variables, accessing structure members, structure initialization, copying and comparing structure variables, operations on individual members, array of structures, structures and functions, Unions. Understanding pointers, accessing the address space of a variable, declaring and initialization pointer variables, accessing a variable through its pointer, pointer expressions, pointers and arrays, pointer and character strings.
    • File Management in C: Defining and opening a file, closing a file, input/output operations on files, error handling during I/O operations, random access files, command line arguments.

    Programs/Codes based on all above concepts will be covered 

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