Cloze Test Practice Questions

Cloze Test Practice Questions

21 April 2023

Cloze test consists of a text passage with some certain missing words (cloze text). There are verbal ability questions on Cloze test under Verbal section in various entrance and competitive exams. Here we have provided variety of cloze test questions from verbal ability section.

Practice Questions For Cloze Test

Direction Q1 - Q7) 

In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The warning against carbon emissions, which is (1) the Earth, just got more urgent. The UN Human Development Report said on Tuesday that (2) the global community agreed to (3) emissions by half by 2050, the world would face huge economic setbacks and also ecological (4). "We are on the (5) of seeing human (6) for the first time in 30 years," Kevin Watkins, the author of the report was (7) as saying. The report said the poor nations would be hit the / as they are the least / to face nature's / manifest in devastating storms and droughts.

Q1) What will come at (1) ?

A) unless

B) Notwithstanding

C) Because

D) without

Solution :

Q2) What will come at (2) ?

A) cut

B) aggravate

C) enhance

D) diminish 

Solution :

Q3) What will come at (3) ?

A) step

B) verge

C) top

D) extreme

Solution :

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Q4) What will come at (4) ?

A) quoted

B) observed

C) found

D) interrogated

Solution :

Q5) What will come at (5) ?

A) best

B) largest

C) hardest

D) least

Solution :

Q6) What will come at (6) ?

A) worried

B) engaged

C) willful

D) equipped

Solution :

Q7) What will come at (7) ?

A) boon

B) fury

C) blessing

D) deadline

Solution :

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Direction Q8 -Q11) 

I do remember it. And I’m grateful. But I can’t help feeling that a woman capable of taking other people’s lives and juggling with them as if they were rubber balls, as she did with ours, is likely at any moment to break out in a new place. So, my gratitude to her is the sort of (1) ______ [hat tip] you would feel toward a cyclone if you were walking home late for dinner and it caught you up and deposited you on your doorstep. Moreover, your Aunt Lora is a human (2) _____[storm]. No, on the whole, she’s more like an earthquake. As she has a habit of splitting up and altering the face of the world whenever she feels like it, and I’m too well satisfied with my world at present to (3) _____[enjoy] the idea of having it changed.”

Little by little the garrison of the studio had been (4) _______ [small slice] down. Except for Steve, the community had no regular members outside the family itself. As Hank was generally out of town. And Bailey paid one more visit, then seemed to consider that he could now absent himself altogether. And the members of Kirk’s bachelor circle stayed away to a man.

Q 8.

A) Tippy

B) Gratitude

C) Excellence.

D) Battle.

Answer :

B) Gratitude

Q 9.

A) Cyclone

B) giant

C) Chin

D) Hunter

Answer :

A) Cyclone

Q 10.

A) Good

B) relish

C) delicious

D) Happy

Answer :

B) relish

Q 11.

A) slice

B) whittled

C) Cut

D) levelled

Answer :

B) whittled

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