Top 10 Para Jumble Questions

26 April 2024

What is Para Jumble?

Para jumbles are one of the most common questions found in the Verbal Ability section where we are given a paragraph i.e. an extract of an article with jumbled sentences. We need to rearrange the sentences in the right order so that the paragraph makes sense. Here we have provided variety of questions from verbal ability section on Para Jumble.

Top 10 Para Jumble Questions And Answers


1) Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs, even surgery

2) Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder

3) They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change

4) But cures are elusive , because repetitive stree injuries present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.

A) 2413

B) 2143

C) 2314

D) 1234

Solution :


1) Let us take a look at the manner in which the traditional bank adds value to the customer.

2) The ability to retain deposits, in itself, is not enough to ensure long-term survival and growth.

3) The ability to deploy invested funds into productive economic activity at a higher rate of return, hence contributing to the prosperity of both the economy and the institution, is the other loop in the banking cycle.

4) Further, as only a small portion of the actual deposit base is retained with the bank in a liquid form, the very survival of the bank lies in building enough trust with its clientele so as to prevent the occurrence of a sizeable chunk of simultaneous customer withdrawal (a run on the bank).

5) The bank's basic job is risk absorption- it takes money, which has a lot of attached risk, and provides the customer an assured rate of return.

A) 31425

B) 51234

C) 24153

D) 15423

Solution :


1). What came out was very large garland made out of currency notes.

2). The unsuspecting governor opened the box in full view of the gathering

3). When the RBI governor came to inaugurate the new printing press, the local unit of the BJP handed him a gift wrapped box

4). There was a twist – the notes were all as tattered as notes could get

A) 4132

B) 3124

C) 3214

D) 4312

Solution :


1). Otherwise the Congress would not have opposed PSU disinvestment today.

2). It is clear that there is not consensus on economic reform.

3). Nor would allies of ruling NDA opposes privatisation.

4). All this would stop India from becoming the next superpower.

A) 2134

B) 1243

C) 1234 

D) 2314

Solution :


1). Electronic transactions are happening in closed group networks and Internet. Electronic commerce is one of the most important aspects of Internet to emerge.

2). Cash transactions offer both privacy and anonymity as it does not contain information that can be used to identify the parties nor the transaction history.

3). To support e-commerce, we need effective payment systems and secure communication channels and data integrity.

4). The whole structure of traditional money is built on faith and so will electronic money have to be.

5). Moreover, money is worth what it is because we have come  to accept it.

A) 25413

B) 12534

C) 45123

D) 43521

Solution :

This paragraph is about cash transaction vis-a-vis electronic commerce. The observation on cash transaction have to precede e-com . 
Therefore, the paragraph must start with 2. Thus option A is the correct answer


1). Food manufactures spend more on advertising than any other manufacturing group and the nation's grocery stores rank first among all retailers.

2). Food product lead in expenditures for network and spot television advertisements, discount coupons, trading stamps, contests, and other forms of premium advertising.

3). Foods are overwhelming the most advertised group of all consumer products in the U.S.

4). In other media- newspapers, magazines, newspaper supplements, billboard and radio, food advertising expenditures rank near the top.

A) 3421

B) 3241

C) 3142

D) 4132

Solution :

2 follows 3 as it confirms the information of the statement in 3. Logically, more the advertisement, more the expenses. In 4 the expenditure mentioned in advertising on food products is further elaborated. 1 sums up the thought. Thus option B is correct


1). If you are used to having your stimulation come in from outside, your mind never develops its own habits of thinking and reflecting

2). Marx thought that religion was the opiate, because it soothed people’s pain and suffering and prevented them from rising in rebellion

3). If Karl Marx was alive today, he would say that television is the opiate of the people.

4). Television and similar entertainments are even more of an opiate because of their addictive tendencies.

A) 2134

B) 1423

C) 2431

D) 3241

Solution :

Sentence 2 has Marx (short Form) and sentence 3 has Karl Marx (Full form). So 3 will come before 2. Now in given options A and B and C, we can clearly see that 2 is placed before 3 and hence we reject option A, B and C which leaves us with only option D which is the correct option.


1). The situations in which violence occurs and the nature of that violence tends to be clearly defined at least in theory, as in the proverbial Irishman’s question: ‘Is this a private fight or can anyone join in?’

2). So the actual risk to outsiders, though no doubt higher than our societies, is calculable.

3). Probably the only uncontrolled applications of force are those of social superiors to social inferiors and even here there are probably some rules.

4). However binding the obligation to kill, members of feuding families engaged in mutual massacre will be genuinely appalled if by some mischance a bystander or outsider is killed.

A) 4123

B) 1342

C) 3214

D) 4213

Solution :

The clue to this question comes from the word ‘calculable’ in sentence 2: So the actual risk to outsiders, though no doubt higher than our societies, is calculable.
How does something become ‘calculable’? Sentence 1 gives the answer through the phrase ‘clearly defined theory’.
Something becomes calculable when it is clearly defined in theory. No other sentence could give answers to ‘calculable’.
Therefore, the link 12 was clearly marked. The link 12 is present in option A only Therefore option A is the answer.


1). Merchants soon grew rich as the demand for products increased.

2). Trade started from person to person but grew to involve different towns in different lands.

3). Eventually, people got a greater variety of things to choose from.

4). People found work in transporting the goods or selling them.

A) 2413

B) 2143

C) 4123

D) 4213

Solution :

Before, trade started to grow internationally; it must have started in its basic form as selling of goods from one person to another. Hence 2 would come before 4.

Obviously when trade grew to involve different lands then merchants would grow rich and also people will get a variety of choices. Therefore, 2413. 


1). In my view, a priority sector should be an area of market failure.

2). Priority sectors include agriculture, small scale industries, housing, exports, etc.

3). Economics say that a market has failed when the market does not provide efficient outcomes for society.

4). The government of India directs substantial bank credit to what it deems are 'priority sectors' for the Indian economy.

5). It is not clear how sectors get identified for the priority tag, as there is no clearly articulated logic.

6). Markets fail for a variety of reasons.

A) 425136

B) 361452

C) 136452

D) 254136

Solution :

2 follow 4 as 2 names the priority sector mentioned in 4. 
Hence option A is the answer.

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