Top 10 Sentence Completion Questions

26 April 2024

What is Sentence Completion?

Sentence completion is a topic included in Verbal Ability section to evaluate candidates Verbal ability and Knowledge of Grammar. In this concept, you need to complete the sentence by choosing appropriate option from given alternatives. Here we have provided variety of questions from previous placement papers to ensure your practice for the Verbal ability section.

Top 10 Sentence Completion Questions And Answers

Q1) She hadn’t eaten all day, and by the time she got home she was ______.

A) blighted

B) confutative

C) ravenous

D) ostentatious

Solution :

Q2) The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary ______ in the dialogue.

A) vulgarity

B) verbosity

C) vocalizations

D) garishness

Solution :

Q3) His neighbors found his ______ manner bossy and irritating, and they stopped inviting him to backyard barbeques.

A) insentient

B) magisterial

C) reparatory

D) restorative

Solution :

Q4) Steven is always ______ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility

A) legible

B) tolerable

C) punctual

D) literal

Solution :

Q5) For silent movies to succeed, the quality of acting has to be___ as there are no ______ dialogues or music for support.

A) Mediocre...engaging

B) Sublime...intimate

C) Realistic...melodramatic

D) Extraordinary...mesmerizing

Solution :

Key words: for support. Both the blanks must take positive and strong words.

Q6) The news is too good _______.

A) to be bad

B) to be acceptable

C) to be true

D) and can be credible

E) to know

Solution :

The news is too good to be true. The word ‘too’ indicates an excess. Hence, option c is the answer.

Q7) I have never _____ such a problem and therefore confess I have no_______ to it.

A) left alone....inhibitions

B) chickened at ....solution

C) dreaded...panacea

D) come across....ready-made answer

E) marveled at ..... Compulsions

Solution :

I have never come across such a problem and therefore confess I have no ready-made answer to it. The logic is that since this person has never encountered such a problem earlier he has no ready-made answer to it.

Q8) Our job as teachers is to _______ the thirst for knowledge and _____ the spark of enthusiasm.

A) quench....Ignite

B) substantiate.....quell

C) sensitize....douse

D) sustain .... mitigate

E) abate .... celebrate

Solution :

Our job as teachers is to quench the thirst for knowledge and ignite the spark of enthusiasm. The word quench relates to thirst while ignite relates to spark.

Q9) Technology may have changed the way alliances are fixed in India (now at the click of a button) but the___ still is arranged marriages with even most youngsters ______ the practice.

A) preference....loathing

B) norm ..... endorsing

C) practice....Customizing

D) convention....disdaining

E) tradition.....avoiding

Solution :

The conjunction but indicates a contrast. Technology may have changed something but still something has not changed and that is the practice/norm of arranged marriages.
Youngsters too support this practice. Therefore, ‘endorsing’ fits the second blank best.

Q10) The Maruti has become so ______ that snobbish customers, who believe their tastes are superior to others, are ________ buy this car of the masses

A) reputed....shirking from

B) sought after.... queuing to

C) ubiquitous .... disinclined to

D) affordable .... waiting to

E) convenient .... craving to


A snobbish person considers himself to be superior. He thus will not go in for something common (ubiquitous).

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