Verbal Analogies

Verbal Analogies

12 December 2022

Verbal analogies tests are designed to measure a candidate's ability to recognize relationships between ideas, think methodically and fluency in the English language. Questions on Verbal Analogy may appear from a wide range of topics. Practice variety of questions from verbal ability on Verbal analogies.

Practice Questions For Verbal Analogies


A) producer:theatre

B) director:drama

C) conductor:bus

D) thespian:play

Solution :


A) shard:pottery

B) shred:wood

C) blades:grass

D) chip:glass

Solution :


A) mangle:iron

B) scabbard:sword

C) bow:arrow

D) fence:epee

Solution :

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A) comfort:stimulant

B) grief:consolation

C) trance:narcotic

D) ache:extraction

Solution :


A) rainbow : sky

B) rivulet: dam

C) hill: range

D) ceiling : room

Solution :

(DEFINITION) Palate is the roof of the mouth; ceiling is the roof of the room. 


A) blare : hearing

B) aroma: smell

C) astigmatism : sight

D) novocain : touch

Solution :

(DEFINITION) (A reference to the first words in the answer choices shows that stutter has been used as a noun in this question.) Stutter (meaning a speech impediment) is a defect in speech, astigmatism (meaning a visual defect) is a defect in sight.


A) challenging : knowledge

B) mnemonic : memory

C) dramatic : story

D) vocal: eloquence

Solution :

(THIHG AND PURPOSE) A sedative acts as an aid to sleep; a mnemonic (such as V1BGYOR, a word made of the first letters of the sequential colors of the rainbow) acts as an aid to memory

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A) neutral: detached

B) clean : sterile

C) lonely : gloomy

D) deserted : barren

Solution :

(DEGREE OF INTENSITY) Being austere (meaning bare) is a heightened form of being plain; being sterile (meaning free from bacteria or other micro-organisms) is a heightened form of being clean. {The pairs (neutral, detached); (deserted, barren) and (eloquent, talkative) are mere synonyms.}


A) volcano : eruption

B) antibiotic : injection

C) yeast: fermentation

D) oxygen : treatment

Solution :

(CAUSE AND EFFECT) Bacteria are minute organisms which cause decomposition; yeasts are minute organisms which cause fermentation (meaning chemical reaction induced by living organisms).


A) experimenter: result

B) arbitrator: deadlock

C) gladiator: rignt

D) judge : courtroom

Solution :

(DEFINING CHARACTERSTIC) A volcano gives out lava (meaning molten rock); a geyser (meaning a natural hot spring) gives out steam.

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