Capgemini Placement Preparation Course 2023

A Complete Package for your Capgemini preparation based on the latest 2023 Batch pattern!

What you will learn
  • Foundation Training of Aptitude & Coding
  • Capgemini specific course
  • Mock interviews by industry expert
  • Capgemini Placement Preparation Course Contents
  • Course Creators & Mentors
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Capgemini Placement Preparation Course Contents

  Capgemini Specific Training

Capgemini-focused Training covering Pseudocode, DSA, DBMS, Cloud and Networking questions with solutions in the form of video lectures and Test Series, MCQ-based English Communication tests for practice, 180+ Questions and Guidance to prepare for Game-Based Aptitude Round, and 150+ Behavioral Competency Profiling Based course content imparted by extensive Analysis and Research of previous year questions and pattern by our experts
Duration: 70+ hours Recorded 

  Aptitude Training & Tests

Complete Aptitude (Numerical Ability, Logical Ability and Verbal Ability) training covering all the important topics from Numerical, Verbal and Reasoning ability. This Aptitude training is useful for various companies as well. Assess your aptitude skills with Topic Wise Aptitude Preparation Test Series
(Topics wise 47 tests) and a Full-length mock test series (10 Mock tests)
Duration: 70+ hours (Recorded)


 PI & Resume preparation

The Personal Interview and resume preparation module covers training on Frequently asked questions of Technical Interview Training for major MNCs and mass recruiters. It also consists of a detailed discussion on How to answer frequently asked Personal Interview questions and how to prepare those answers effectively. It also consists of in-detailed information to create a resume with appropriate content and design.

 Technical Recorded courses

This module consists of pre-recorded courses for C programming(20 hours), JAVA programming (20 hours), DSA in C++(20 hours), DSA in C (20 hours), C++ Programming (20 hours), Python Programming & DSA in Python (30 hours), DSA in Java (20 hours),
Duration: 230+ hours (Recorded)

Interview by Industry Expert

A Virtual Mock Technical Interview by Industry Experts will help you to the core in excelling your technical interview skills before your actual Placement Interview. A Mock Technical can help you understand your strong and weak technical & interpersonal areas which you can improve before your actual campus interview.
(LIVE Interview: 1 Technical mock Interview)

Course Creators & Mentors

  • This Online Training is conducted by the Co-Founders and Trainers of Talent Battle themselves who are expert Aptitude trainers working in field on-campus recruitment training for the past 7+ years and have placed thousands of students with their extraordinary teaching capability

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