Home Automation using IoT

Home Automation using IoT

What you will learn
  • Build a Project from Scratch
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  • What you will receive?
  • What you will build?
  • Why you should build this project?
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What you will receive?

1. Online Course

2. Online Project Material

3. Full project kit

4. Expert assistance

5. Project Certificate

What you will build?

A microcontroller based programmable circuit with custom android app to control & monitor home appliances over the internet.

Why you should build this project?

1. We are living in Industry 4.0 era right now & it starts with IoT.

2. Nowadays, modern homes are coming with ideas of automation as an amenities & facilities.

3. But one who wants to implement automation in his / her existing living place is now way too easy and this is all because of IoT. Home automation is no more fantasy OR imagination now, but its a reality.

4. It not only gives you ease of operations but also gives 24 * 7 access to entire system from any location in the world. So that one can monitor his home in his / her absence for safety & security.

5. Can also control home appliances automatically. It also helps elderly people by making their daily tasks automated.

6. With this project you can learn how client server communication can be setablished.

7. How to control home appliances (230V) with help of microcontroller ovet the internet, how to make simple android application for IoT project etc.

Mentor for this project:

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What is Home Automation?

“Home automation” refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances. In simple terms, it means you can easily control the utilities and features of your home via the Internet to make life more convenient and secure, and even spend less on household bills.

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