Free 25 Mock Placement Readiness Tests (Aptitude & Technical) pdf

Free Pre-Placement Mock Test Series! Aptitude & Technical tests with detailed analysis!

Test Pack Description
Test Pack Includes:

Why we are conducting Pre-Placement Test Series?

- To help students check their current level of Aptitude and Technical skills
- After knowing the current level it will become easy for a student to start their placement preparation

What does this Pre-Placement Test Series consist of?

- 25 Tests will be conducted on subjects C, C++, Java, Python, DSA, CN, OS, DBMS, Quant, Reasoning, and verbal ability.
- Topic-wise questions in every test will help students get strong and weak points
- This is a Pre-Placement Test series, not training.

Test Pack Description

This free Mock Test series will help you to check your current level of Aptitude and Technical Skills!

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