Virtusa Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2023

Virtusa Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 23 November 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 23 November 2023


Roles and Packages:

  1. Associate Engineer- 4.5 LPA
  2. Associate Software Engineer- 7 LPA package [6.5 LPA + 50K retention bonus every year].

Eligibility Criteria for Virtusa Placement Drive 2023:

  • Degree – BE / B Tech / MCA / M Tech
  • Stream – CS / IT / ECE / IS
  • Cut Off – 60% in 10th/ 12th or Diploma and in Graduation
  • Year Of Passing – 2023

Latest Virtusa Exam Pattern 2023

  Type No. of Questions
Aptitude Logical, General Aptitude, Quantitative Analysis 10
Computer Fundamentals Data Structures, Object Oriented, OS, RDBMS and SQL 30
Pseudo Code Pseudo Code + Basic Programming 10
Communication Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking 72
Coding Coding (C,C++,Python,Java) 4 (Easy)
Power Coding Coding (C,C++,Python,Java) 3 (Complex)

Virtusa Selection Process 2023

  1. Online Technical Assessment
  2. Power coding round
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Virtusa Initial Technical Assessment

Aptitude: Logical,General Aptitude, Quantitative Analysis (10 Que)

Computer Fundamentals: 

  1. Data Structures
  2. Object Oriented Programming
  3. Operating System
  4. RDBMS & SQL 

Pseudocode: Pseudocode + Basic Programming (10 Que)

Communication: Reading and Writing (5 Que)

Coding: Easy Level questions (C, C++, Java, Python) (4 Que)

Power Coding: Medium Level Questions (3 Que)

Those candidates, who clears this assessment will go for Technical and HR interview in the subsequent stages.


  • Candidates will be able to move to the next section only once they finish particular section in sequence.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to toggle between 2 or multiple sections.
  • Total duration is 180 mins, and each section is timed.
  • Candidates who clears Online assessment except Power Coding will get a chance for interview of 5 LPA package [4.5 LPA + 50K retention bonus (Not sure)]
  • Students who clears the online assessment with Power Coding round will get a chance for interview of 7 LPA package [6.5 LPA + 50K retention bonus every year].

Important Topics for Virtusa Aptitude section:

  1. Averages
  2. Percentage
  3. Time work
  4. Profit loss
  5. Who is taller than whom type questions
  6. Time speed distance
  7. Directions
  8. Verbal data interpretation
  9. Age
  10. Relations
  11. Code words 

Important Topics for Virtusa Computer Fundamentals section:


  1. Programming Fundamentals
  2. Objects
  3. Classes
  4. Inheritance
  5. Abstraction
  6. Polymorphism
  7. Encapsulation

Data structures:

  1. Trees
  2. Greedy Algorithms
  3. Sorting
  4. Time Complexity
  5. Linked List
  6. Graph
  7. Dynamic programming


  1. Database Relationships
  2. Database Operators
  3. Types of Joins
  4. Sequential Queries
  5. Subqueries
  6. Keys
  7. Constraints
  8. Relational Algebra

Important Topics for Pseudocode section:

  1. Programming fundamentals
  2. Looping
  3. Arrays
  4. Recursion
  5. Functions
  6. Bitwise Operators
  7. Increment and Decrement Operator
  8. Conditional Statements

Note: More weightage is given to Computer Fundamentals section

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The 2023 Virtusa exam will consist of multiple rounds including written exams, technical interviews and behavioral interviews. Written exams may cover topics such as programming languages, data structures, algorithms, software development, and database management. Technical interviews focus on problem-solving and programming skills, while behavioral interviews assess communication and teamwork skills.

Eligibility criteria for the 2023 Virtusa exam may vary depending on the specific needs of your organization. However, in general, a degree in computer science or a related field and relevant work experience or certification is required.

To prepare for the 2023 Virtusa exam, familiarize yourself with the syllabus, enroll in online courses or tutorials, practice coding questions, participate in mock interviews and coding challenges, stay up to date with industry trends and technology, You need to hone your communication skills.

Passing the 2023 Virtusa exam may vary depending on a company's specific needs. However, candidates are expected to perform well in all rounds of the exam, including written exams, technical interviews, and behavioral interviews.

Passing her Virtusa exam in 2023 gives candidates the opportunity to work as a software developer, software engineer, or IT professional in a variety of industries. As Virtusa is a global company that provides his IT services and solutions to various clients, many employment opportunities may be offered to candidates who pass the exam.