Capgemini Pattern & Syllabus

23 March 2023

Check below information for Recruitment process and important topics for Capgemini

Roles and Packages:

  • Analyst- (4 LPA + 25K One-Time Bonus)

  • Analyst- New Differential Role (5.5 LPA + 25K One-Time Bonus)

  • Senior Analyst (7.5 LPA)

Eligibilty Criteria

  • BE/BTECH/ME/MTECH - All specializations/branches; MCA & MSc (CS/IT specialization)
  • No active backlog at the time of assessment and joining
  • Successful completion of full–time degree within the stipulated time frame

Examp Pattern & Syllabus

Assessment 1:

English and Technical MCQ - Cognitive Assessment

Technical MCQ:

  • Data Structures
  • Algorithms
  • Fundamentals of database
  • Cloud
  • Networking

(Note: For roles specific to your streams technical assessment would comprise of stream specific topics)

1. Pseudo Code Round (Elimination Round)

  • Total 25 Questions (25 mins)
  • 25 questions divided into 2 sections with common timer
  • 10 Questions: Data Structures
  • 15 Questions: Algorithms / Psuedocode

(Important Topics: Data Structres, Programming Fundamentals, Object Oriented Programming, Networking, Cloud fundamental Questions, Code Snippet Questions on C, C++ and Java)

Note: There is No Negative marking.

2. Technical MCQs (Elimination round)


  • Basics of Networking
  • Network Security
  • Encryption Standards and Algorithms
  • Attack Types
  • Firewalls


  • Database relationship
  • Database operators
  • Normalization
  • Joins
  • Keys
  • Constraints
  • Relational Algebra


  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Cloud Data Centers
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Cloud Service Platforms

Note: There is No Negative marking.

3. Game Based Aptitude Round: (Elimination Round)

  • Motion Challenge 
  • Digit Challenge 
  • Switch Challenge 
  • Grid Challenge 
  • Deductive Reasoning Challenge 
  • Inductive Challenge (Similarity Grids)

Note: Grid Challenge is difficult as the number of dots go on increasing.

4. English MCQ (Elimination Round):

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test 
  • Para Jumble / Sentence Arrangement 
  • Active / Passive Voice
  • Fact, Inference, Judgement 
  • Replacement / Sentence Correction
  • Synonyms
  • Error Spotting

Note: There is No Negative marking.


1. Assessment clearance depends on the scores of each module. Each round will be a mandatory, elimination round)

2. Game based Cognitive Assessment and English MCQs are retained (It means, these sections will be there in Assessment 1 this year also)

Assessment 2:

Spoken English Assessment

  • This round will be mandatory but not an elimination round.
  • your Communication skills like Reading, Speaking, Listening skills will be tested in this test.

Assessment 3:

Coding Assessment (For Analyst- New Differential Role & Senior Analyst Role)

  • Coding / Level 2 Technical assessment is a mandatory round and will be applicable for students eligible for higher package roles. Eligibility will be a combination of the student’s performance in their academics and Capgemini Exceller assessments.

Technical Interview

Capgemini Interview Questions for Technical Round will be based on subjects of your interest or based on projects you have done. You need to have complete knowledge of all the projects you havewritten in your resume. You will be asked basic questions from C, C++, Pseudo Code, and DBMS, Networking

HR Interview

In this interivew, only communication skills and presentation skills are checked. The questions will be related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, etc. They will also ask questions based on location preference and higher education interest also.

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