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Who should buy this package?

All those who want to increase their chance to get selected in TCS and who want to prepare for TCS NQT NInja with the best guidance and material should buy this package.

This is a complete preparation package for TCS NQT Ninja. It covers each and every important aspect which is required for TCS NQT Ninja.

Note: All training content is pre-recorded so you can watch it anytime. Live Lectures will also be conducted once the TCS NQT 2021 dates are launched and recordings of those live lectures will also be provided

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Details of the package:
  • 30 hours of TCS NQT Ninja Specific Aptitude and Technical Training

Contents of Online training :

15 hours of general aptitude concepts. ( Quantitative + English section )
15 hours of Technical preparation ( Programming concepts MCQ + Coding Statements asked by TCS)
Special Doubt Clearing Sessions
30 Section Wise, Topic Wise and Mix Mock Tests for Practice.
A Practice Question Bank of 1000 + questions.
Most repeated and expected questions asked during TCS NQT Ninja Exam will be covered

Note: All training content is pre-recorded so you can watch it anytime.

  • This online Training will be conducted by the Co-Founders of Talent Battle themselves who are expert aptitude trainers working in field on-campus recruitment training for past 7 years and have placed thousands of students with their extraordinary teaching capability. Technical training will be covered by experts who have experience of more than 6 years in technical domain.

  • 60 hours of Complete Aptitude online Training  (Quantitative - Logical Reasoning - Verbal Ability)

Contents of the online Training :

40+ hours of online training on all important chapter of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability.
Special Doubt Clearing Sessions
30 Section Wise, Topic Wise and Mix Mock Tests for Practice.
A Practice Question Bank of 1000 + questions.

Further details will be provided after enrollment. 

  • 12 TCS NQT Ninja specific mock test series

This Test Pack consists of 12 TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) -Specific Mock Tests with detailed solutions for each question. All 12 tests will according to actual TCS Ninja Test Pattern as discussed below.
Coding Statements with solutions will be separately provided to you through the mail in a PDF file.

Details of TCS NQT Ninja Syllabus and exam pattern is mentioned at the end of this page.

  • Face a Mock Interview from Experts

You will face a Technical Interview which will help during your TCS NQT Ninja test. The Mock interviews will be conducted by Industry Experts. A Virtual Mock Technical Interview by Industry Experts will help you to the core in excelling your technical interview skills before your actual Placement Interview. 

A Mock Technical can help you understand your strong and weak technical & interpersonal areas which you can improve before your actual campus interview.

  •  Resume Preparation 

We will help you curate your resume and make it interview ready by suggesting necessary additions and removing unnecessary points.

  • Personal Interview Questions and answers training

This live training will include two most important aspects for campus placement which are:

1) Personal interview questions and answers session

2) Resume preparation session

Contents of 6 hours online training:

Most important personal interview questions will be discussed in detail.
General guidelines for a personal interview
Body language tips and guidance 
Contents of Resume
Different formats which can be used for Resume
Questions based on Resume will be discussed
Do's and Dont's of Resume preparation

C Programming Video Course (25 hours)

  • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving : The meaning of algorithms Flowcharts, Pseudo codes, Writing algorithms and drawing flowcharts for simple exercises, Memory concepts, History of C, C Program development environment, Types of problems, problems solving with computers
  • Introduction to ‘C’ Language : Importance of ‘C’ Language, Sample ‘C’ Program, Structure of ‘C’ Program, Constants, variables and data types. Operators and expressions, Managing input / output operations, Control statements.
  • Functions: Need for user defined functions, elements of User defined functions, defining functions, return values and their types, function calls, function declaration, methods of parameter passing, User defined and library functions.
  • Arrays and Strings:The meaning of an array, one dimensional and two dimensional arrays, declaration and initialization of arrays, reading , writing and manipulation of above types of arrays, multidimensional arrays. Declaring and initialing string variables, reading string from terminal, writing string to screen, arithmetic operations on characters, putting strings together, comparison of two strings, string handling functions.
  • Structures and Pointers: Defining a structure, declaring structure variables, accessing structure members, structure initialization, copying and comparing structure variables, operations on individual members, array of structures, structures and functions, Unions. Understanding pointers, accessing the address space of a variable, declaring and initialization pointer variables, accessing a variable through its pointer, pointer expressions, pointers and arrays, pointer and character strings.
  • File Management in C: Defining and opening a file, closing a file, input/output operations on files, error handling during I/O operations, random access files, command line arguments.

Programs/Codes based on all above concepts will be covered 

Java Programming Video Course (20 hours)

Brief Syllabus of Training:

Getting Started with Java : What is Java?, How to Get Java, A First Java Program, Compiling and Interpreting Applications
The Java SDK Directory Structure.

Eclipse: Introduction to Eclipse, Installing Eclipse, Running Eclipse for the First Time, Editors, Views, and Perspectives, Setting up a Project, Creating a New Java Application, Running a Java Application, Debugging a Java Application, Importing Existing Java Code into Eclipse.

Language Fundamentals: A Java Program, If Statements, Switch Statements, Loop Statements, Syntax Details, Primitive, Data types, Variables, Expressions in Java, Strings, Arrays, Enhanced for Loop.

Objects and Classes: Defining a Class, Creating an Object, Instance Data and Class Data, Methods, Constructors, Access, Modifiers, Encapsulation.

Using Java Objects: Printing to the Console, printf Format Strings, String Builder and String Buffer, Methods and Messages, toString, Parameter Passing, Comparing and Identifying Objects, Destroying Objects.

Inheritance in Java: Inheritance, Inheritance in Java, Casting, Method Overriding, Polymorphism, super, The Object Class

Advanced Inheritance and Generics: Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Using Interfaces, Collections, Comparable.

Packages: Packages, The import Statement, Static Imports, CLASSPATH and Import, Defining Packages, Package Scope

Exception Handling: Exceptions Overview, Catching Exceptions, The finally Block, Exception Methods, Declaring Exceptions
Defining and Throwing Exceptions, Errors and Runtime Exceptions.

Input/Output Streams: Overview of Streams, Bytes vs. Characters, Converting Byte Streams to Character Streams, File Object
Binary Input and Output, Print Writer Class, Reading and Writing Objects, Closing Streams.

Core Collection Classes: The Collections Framework, The List Interface, List Implementation Classes, The Map Interface, Map Implementation Classes.

Collection Sorting and Tuning: Sorting Lists and Arrays, Collections Utility Methods, Tuning ArrayList, Tuning HashMap and HashSet.

Thread: Understanding Threads: Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming, Thread Life-Cycle, Thread Priorities, Synchronizing Threads, Inter Communication of Threads, Critical Factor in Thread –DeadLock

File Handling: Streams and the new I/O Capabilities, Understanding Streams, The Classes for Input and Output, The Standard Streams, Working with File Object, File I/O Basics, Reading and Writing to Files, Buffer and Buffer Management, Read/Write Operations with File Channel, Serializing Objects.

Database Programming using JDBC: Introduction to JDBC, JDBC Drivers & Architecture, CURD operation Using JDBC

Connecting to non-conventional Databases., Types of JDBC Drivers , How to use JDBC , JDBC CREATE table , JDBC INSERT into table ,JDBC SELECT from table ,JDBC UPDATE table 

Programs/Codes based on all above concepts will be covered.

Data Structures & Algorithms Video Course (20 hours)

System Life Cycle :Algorithm Specification, Recursive Algorithms, Data Abstraction, Performance Analysis, Space Complexity, Time Complexity, Asymptotic Notation, Comparing Time Complexities, Performance Measurement.

The Array as an Abstract Data Type, The Polynomial Abstract Data Type, The Sparse Matrix Abstract Data Type, Transposing a Matrix, Matrix Multiplication, The Representation of Multidimensional Arrays, String Abstract Data Type, Pattern Matching, Structures and Unions, Self-Referential Structures

The Stack Abstract Data Type, The Queue Abstract Data Type, Evaluation of Expressions, Evaluating Postfix Expressions, Infix to Postfix, Multiple Stacks and Queues.

Linked Lists, Pointers, Using Dynamically Allocated Storage, Singly Linked Lists, Dynamically Linked Stacks and Queues, Polynomials, Representing Polynomials as Singly Linked Lists, Additional List Operations, Operations for Singly Linked Lists, Operations for Doubly Linked Lists, Sparse Matrices.

Trees, Terminology, Representation of Trees, Binary Trees, The Abstract Data Type, Properties of Binary Trees, Binary Tree Representations, Binary Tree Traversals, Additional Binary Tree Operations, Threaded Binary Trees, Heaps, The Heap Abstract Data Type, Priority Queues, Insertion into a max heap ,Deletion from a max heap, Binary Search Trees ,Searching a Binary Search Tree, Inserting an Element into a Binary Search Tree, Deleting an Element from a Binary Search Tree, Height of a Binary Search Tree.

Graphs, The Graph Abstract Data Type, Introduction,Definitions, Graph Representations, Elementary Graph Operations, Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Connected Components, Spanning Trees, Minimum Cost Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths and Transitive Closure, Single Source All Destination, All Pairs Shortest Paths

Sorting, Searching and List Verification, Sequential Search, Binary Search, List Verification, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Optimal Sorting Time, Merge Sort, Iterative Merge Sort ,Recursive Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Radix Sort, List and Table Sorts, External Sorts

Hashing, Symbol Tables, Static Hashing, Hash Tables, Hashing Functions, Linear Open Addressing, Chaining, Theoretical Evaluation of Overflow Techniques, Dynamic Hashing, Dynamic Hashing Using Directories

Search Structures, Optimal Binary Search Trees, AVL Trees, Digital Search Trees, B-Trees, Differential Files

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TCS NQT Ninja Gold Package
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₹5999 ₹2199 
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This package includes :

Test Packs

TCS NQT Mock Test Series

TCS NQT Mock Test Series

Practice Actual TCS-NQT(Ninja)Questions!
TCS Digital Mock test Series

TCS Digital Mock test Series

TCS DIgital test Series
Full length Aptitude Test Series

Full length Aptitude Test Series

This is the Full-length Aptitude Test Series
Topic Wise Aptitude Preparation Test Series

Topic Wise Aptitude Preparation Test Series

General Test Pack For Aptitude


TCS Specific Training

TCS Specific Training

Online training from experts to learn General and Technical aptitude concepts and crack TCS NQT.
C Programming Course

C Programming Course

Learn C from Scratch!
Technical Interview Video Course for CSE/IT !

Technical Interview Video Course for CSE/IT !

1500+ Technical Interview Questions Explained
JAVA Programming Course

JAVA Programming Course

Learn JAVA from Scratch!
Aptitude Conceptual Course: ( Quant- Logical -Verbal Imp topics from basics for TCS)

Aptitude Conceptual Course: ( Quant- Logical -Verbal Imp topics from basics for TCS)

Aptitude Conceptual Course: ( Important for TCS)
Important topics for TCS ( Logical Reasoning & Verbal)

Important topics for TCS ( Logical Reasoning & Verbal)

Important topics for TCS ( Logical Reasoning & Verbal)


C++ Programming Conceptual Course

C++ Programming Conceptual Course

Learn C++ basics in 5 days!
Personal interview & Resume Preparation Course!

Personal interview & Resume Preparation Course!

Learn how to prepare Resume and answer personal interview questions from experts!
Placement Preparatory Data Structures & Algorithms Course

Placement Preparatory Data Structures & Algorithms Course

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms from expert trainer & get ready for placement!

Mock Interview Preparation

Technical Interview (Pack of 1 Interview)

Technical Interview (Pack of 1 Interview)

Experience an Online Technical Interview with Industry Experts! A Virtual Mock Technical Interview by Industry Experts will help you to the core in excelling your technical interview skills before your actual Placement Interview.