Formula's for Blood Relation

Formula's for Blood Relation

10 December 2022

Blood Relationship is considered to be one of the most important topics of logical reasoning section for any Entrance Aptitude test or competitive exam. The students must have precise knowledge of blood relations in order to solve variety of questions.

Formula's for Blood Relation
Mother’s or Father’s Father Grand father 
Mother’s or Father’s Mother  Grand mother 
Mother’s or Father’s Son  Brother 
Mother’s or Father’s Daughter  Sister 
Mother’s or Father’s Brother  Uncle 
Mother’s or Father’s Sister  Aunt 
Husband or Wife’s sister & 
Brother’s wife 
Sister in law 
Husband or Wife’s brother & 
Sister’s husband 
Brother in law 
Son’s Wife   Daughter in law 
Daughter’s Husband  Son in law 
Brother’s or Sister’s Son  Nephew 
Brother’s or Sister’s Daughter  Niece 
Uncle or Aunt’s Son/Daughter  Cousin 
Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s Daughter/Son  Great Grand Daughter/Son 
Husband or Wife  Spouse 
“Real” brother or sister  Siblings 

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There is a standard set of symbols which help one decode family relationship, Below is list of such symbols.  Family Tree Notations: 


  • Don’t judge the genders on the name basis. 
  • Using the hints like “he”, ”she”, the gender must be considered. 
  • Be aware of the word “Only”. 

Relations from one generation to next: 

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