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Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. Infosys provides software development, maintenance and independent validation services to companies in finance, insurance, manufacturing and other domains.

Online Test Pattern:

1.Reasoning Ability: 15 Q – 25 mins

2.Mathematical Ability: 10 Q – 35 mins

3.Verbal Ability: 20 Q – 20 mins

4.Pseudocode: 5 Q – 10 mins

5.Puzzle Solving:  4 Q – 10 mins

Reasoning Ability 15 Q – 25 mins

-Data Interpretation: 5 Questions (5 marks)

-Data Sufficiency: 5 Questions (5 marks)

-Deductive Reasoning: 5 Questions(5marks)

Mathematical Ability 10 Q – 35 mins

-Crypt arithmetic

-Permutation Combination

-Number Series

-Ratio Proportion

-Aligation Mixture




-Seating Arrangement/Logical Reasoning

Verbal Ability 20 Q – 20 mins

-Reading Comprehension: 5 Questions (5 Marks)

-Error Correction: 4 Questions (4 Marks)

-Error Identification: 4 Questions (4 Marks)

-Fill in the blanks: 4 Questions (4 Marks)

-Critical Reasoning: 3 Questions (3 Marks)

English is always said to be the toughest of the three sections in the Infosys online test, not because of the number of questions and shorter duration but due to the difficulty of the questions which are usually of GRE and CAT level.

Pseudocode 5 Q – 10 mins

Each question 2 marks- Total 10 marks

Puzzle Solving 4 Q – 10 mins

2 Questions of 3 marks each

2 Questions of 2 marks each

Technical Interview

Technical interview comprises of questions based on C, C++, Java, Data systems and other operating systems. However, if you belong to a non-IT background, you can expect questions from your specific subject. You might get questions like find the output of the given program, write syntax and programs, Details about your project and role

  • HR Interview

The HR Interview will check your confidence and communication skills You might get questions like Tell me about yourself?, Why do you want to join Infosys?, About your project? ,Which is your favorite subject?. There also might be questions based on location and post-graduation plans.

Infosys New Pattern Specific Preparation Pack

•60 hours Video Course for Verbal Ability, Reasoning and Mathematical Ability

•Previous Year Infosys Specific Questions  Video Course

•Technical Video Course Covering questions from Pseudocode

•5 Mock Tests

•1 Mock Interview (Included in Gold Package)


(Covered Pseudocode and Puzzles as per new pattern)

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