Amazon Internship 2023 - Stipend, Eligibility, Selection Process and more

Amazon Internship 2023 - Stipend, Eligibility, Selection Process and more

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 31 August 2023

by Ajinkya Kulkarni | Updated on 31 August 2023

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About Amazon

Amazon is one of the most well-known companies in the world. It is one of the global leaders in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. As such it is no surprise that a lot of Engineers are competing for a chance to work with Amazon. The competition is very high even to get an internship at Amazon. This is thanks to the fact that the Amazon internship program is one of the most popular ways in which Amazon chooses its full-time employees. Amazon is currently providing internships to students from a variety of fields including software development, data science, sales, etc. The hirers are looking for young and enthusiastic freshers as well as experienced engineers for their internship program. The candidate must be equipped with knowledge about the Amazon internship process if one is to land an internship at Amazon. In this article, we try to provide all this information and more so that the candidate is not confused at any point in the process.

Details of Amazon Internship 2023



Duration of Internship

12 weeks / 3 months

Qualifications Required

Graduate in any branch, Post-Graduate, B.Tech/B.E, M.E/M.Tech, MBA, BCA, Ph.D., etc.


All major cities in India

Experience Required

Fresher or Experienced

Official Gateway

Amazon Off-Campus Internship 2023 Details for Freshers

Candidates that do not have Amazon hirers coming to their university will have to apply independently by going through the Amazon internship portal at The candidate will then have to browse through the available options and choose one that is convenient for them. Remember that Amazon internships are in high demand and one might not always get a good internship in a city close to their home. So, relocating to the internship location might be necessary after securing the position. The internship is for 3 months and the candidate will have to find suitable accommodation during this time. Once the candidate is redirected to an application form, all the required details can be filled out appropriately. Remember to recheck the form before clicking submit to ensure there are no mistakes. Popular programs among freshers are:

  • Amazon Operations Finance Rotational Program
  • Software Development Engineer (SDE) Internship
  • AWS Sales Summer Internship
  • Data Engineer Internship

Amazon Internship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

The educational qualifications required are pretty minimal to get an Amazon internship. One needs to have a graduate or postgraduate degree in one of the following branches: B.Tech, MBA, or BCA. While Amazon does not expect a very high grade in the candidate's degree, it is helpful to have at least decent grades. Amazon hires both freshers and experienced candidates. Freshers might not have any industry experience other than a few internships, but Amazon doesn’t give too much heavy weightage to industry experience in a fresher candidate. As a fresher, the candidate must craft their resume carefully to highlight any internships or projects that can impress the hirer. This will give the candidate an edge which is always welcome in the Amazon internship process. Experienced candidates must remember to include their most impactful and relevant job experiences in their resumes before less relevant ones. There is also no upper age limit on an Amazon internship. However, the candidate must be above the age of eighteen to apply.

Amazon Internship 2023 Selection Process

The Amazon selection process consists 5 different steps:

  • Online application: The application has to fill by the candidate accurately. Any wrong information provided will result in the rejection of the candidate.
  • Document/Certificate Checking: The hirers go through the documents that the candidate has provided. This is the step where the resume of the student is shortlisted. Ensure that your resume is clean and up to date before applying as a lot of candidates get rejected in this round.
  • Assessment: This is where the candidate might have to take a series of tests that have been designed to test the technical knowledge of the candidate. A lot of prior preparation is usually required to qualify for one of these tests. The test might include quiz-like rounds which ask technical questions and also coding rounds. Candidates can expect to be assessed on their data structures and algorithms knowledge in the coding round. Many online resources can be used to prepare for this round.
  • Phone Interview: An interviewer will call a candidate that has successfully cleared all the previous rounds to further check their technical knowledge. One can expect to be cross-examined on the projects that one has done and mentioned in their resume. This is also the round where the hirer will try to assess the attitude of the candidate and their work ethic.
  • In-Person Interview: A candidate that has successfully cleared all the previous rounds will be called to an Amazon office for an in-person interview. This round might have a few technical questions, but it will mainly consist of HR questions.

Amazon Internship 2023 Stipend Details

Amazon is known to pay its interns well. This is so that the intern will be satisfied with their internship and will apply for a full-time post. The stipend that the candidate will receive will depend on the internship that they have applied for. But generally one can expect to earn between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000 per month. 

Pros and Cons of Amazon Internship for Freshers


  • Knowledge without experience will not get one very far in life. Students gain knowledge throughout their school and college life. But once out of college, they will need the experience to secure good positions in today’s job market. Freshers can learn necessary industry experience that they can use to secure a full-time job in the future.
  • Amazon pays around Rs. 40,000/month during the internship. This is pretty well paying considering that freshers have no prior industry experience.
  • Amazon might even offer a full-time job after the successful completion of an internship. This is usually based on the performance of the candidate during the internship.
  • One will learn to work in a team. This is a skill that is highly attractive to many employers.
  • During the internship period, the candidate will get a chance to network with many of the top employees in any industry. They can gain a lot of knowledge from such people.


  • An Amazon internship usually is a full-time position where the candidate has to work for up to 40 hours per week. This will not give the intern any time to try to find some other job that they might be interested in.
  • Even though a full-time position might be given to an intern at the end of the internship, there is no guarantee of this.

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Ask Us Anything !

There are two rounds in an Amazon internship selection process. The first main round is the coding round. This is a technical round where the candidates' Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) skills will be tested. The second main round is the interview round. This might consist of a phone interview as well as a one-on-one interview. This round consists of technical as well as HR questions.

An Amazon internship is a very prestigious and coveted program. Freshers from across the globe apply for this program. But less than 1% of the candidates that apply successfully clear all the rounds and can get an internship with Amazon.


An Amazon internship length can vary depending on the position that the candidate has applied for. But generally, the internship is for 12 weeks or 3 months. But some Amazon internship programs are for 24 weeks or 6 months.


Yes, Amazon hires freshers as well as experienced candidates. Since freshers do not have any industry knowledge, it is recommended that they do a few projects that are related to the field in which they are looking to intern. The projects may be research or industry-related. If the fresher has any previous internship experience before applying for an Amazon internship, this might further increase their chances. Other skills that the candidate might have are also very helpful. All these can be added to the candidate’s resume. But mainly Amazon hirers look for a problem-solving mindset in freshers. Hence, it is suggested that freshers hone their problem-solving skills before applying for an internship at Amazon.

Yes, an Amazon internship is one of the best internships that an engineer can do to progress in their career. An Amazon internship often leads to a full-time position at Amazon. But even if you are not offered a full-time position, adding “Amazon Internship 2023” to your resume is sure to make a lot of other companies want to hire you.