Goldman Sachs Mock Test Series 2023

Goldman Sachs Mock Test Series 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 04 June 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 04 June 2023

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The Goldman Sachs mock exam is a timed online evaluation that includes two parts - a numerical thinking exam and a logical thinking test. The numerical intellect exam measures the capability of candidates to analyse and understand numerical data, while the logical perceptive test appraises their capacity to scrutinise and solve problems sensibly.

About Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the most significant investment banks in the world. It is known for its demanding selection process and highly viable culture. As part of its enrolment process, Goldman Sachs conducts a mock trial to evaluate the aptitude of entrants applying for internships and full-time positions. This article will explore the setup of the Goldman Sachs mock assessment and provide guidelines for contenders to perform well.

Goldman Sachs Mock Test Pattern 2023

The numerical intellect quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 20 minutes. The questions cover an array of subjects like percentages, and ratios. Entrants are anticipated to demonstrate their ability to construe data and draw suppositions from it. The assessment is designed to assess the entrant's aptitude for financial analysis, a crucial dexterity for working in investment banking.

The logical reasoning examination consists of 22 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 20 minutes. The questions cover a variety of themes like pattern recognition, deductive thinking, and logical thinking. Entrants are expected to validate their capability to think disparagingly and solve problems using sense. The quiz is designed to measure the candidate's capacity to examine complex problems and provide operative solutions, a vital skill for investment bankers.

The Goldman Sachs mock trial delivers several profits for both entrants and the investment bank. Here are some of the advances of the mock Goldman Sachs mock exam:

1. Assessment of Aptitude: The Goldman Sachs mock examination is premeditated to assess the ability of entrants in numerical and logical thinking, which are critical skills for salaried in investment banking. It caters for a fair and standardized way to appraise the skills and capacities of entrants and classify those who are best suited for the position.

2. Standardized Evaluation: The mock exam delivers a standardized evaluation process for all aspirants, nevertheless of their background or credentials. This confirms that all entrants are evaluated based on the same measures and that the selection process is reasonable and unbiased.

3. Recruitment Efficiency: The mock quiz allows Goldman Sachs to proficiently screen a large number of entrants and find those who are utmostly suitable for the part. This saves time and resources in the employment process, letting the investment bank focus on interviewing the most gifted entrants.

4. Entrant Feedback: Entrants receive feedback on their performance in the Goldman Sachs mock examination, which can aid them recognize areas of strong points and weakness. This feedback can be used to advance their skills and prepare better for future evaluations.

5. Brand Awareness: The Goldman Sachs mock assessment is a highly respected assessment tool in the investment banking trade. Entrants who perform well in the mock exam are probable to view the investment bank confidently and may be more prospective to apply for internships or full-time positions in the future.

In conclusion, the Goldman Sachs mock examination provides several benefits for entrants and the investment bank. It postulates a fair and uniform way to judge the aptitude of entrants, saves time and resources in the staffing process, and provides treasured feedback for entrants. The mock exam also improves the brand mindfulness of Goldman Sachs and spots it as a highly esteemed investment bank in the trade.

Goldman Sachs's Updated Syllabus 2023

The Goldman Sachs mock quiz comprises two sections - numerical intellect and reasonable reasoning. The prospectus for each section is as follows:

Numerical Reasoning:

  • Basic arithmetic: addition, multiplication, and division
  • Decimals, and percentages
  • Ratios - proportions
  • Data analysis using tables and graphs
  • Currency conversions
  • Time-distance calculations
  • Basic algebraic

Logical Reasoning:

  • Pattern detection
  • Reasonable reasoning
  • Methodical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Verbal perceptive

The numerical reasoning segment is premeditated to trial the entrant's capability to analyse and construe mathematical data. The logical deduction segment assesses the entrant's ability to comprehend complex problems, discover patterns and trends, and postulate effective solutions using plausible reasoning.

Entrants should train in these topics and acquaint themselves with the setup of the Goldman Sachs mock trial to perform well in the examination. It is also important to oversee time effectually and remain quiet and collected during the examination.

How to Prepare for the Goldman Sachs Mock Test 2023?

To perform well in the Goldman Sachs mock assessment, entrants need to prepare painstakingly. Here are some gradients that can benefit:

1. Practice regularly - Entrants should prepare numerical and rational reasoning questions repeatedly to build their abilities and poise. They can treasure practice questions online or in books that specialize in these sorts of questions.

2. Time management - Entrants need to govern their time successfully during the assessment. They should intend to answer all questions in both sectors but order questions that they sense more assured in.

3. Read instructions carefully - Entrants need to read the directives and questions cautiously to dodge making blunders. They should ensure they recognize what is being asked before endeavouring to answer the question.

4. Show workings - Entrants should show their workings when resolving numerical analysis questions. This will not only support them to dodge making thoughtless blunders but also validate their thought process to the auditor.

5. Be confident - Entrants should slant the test with assurance. While the assessment is challenging, entrants also need to establish their proficiencies.

6. Stay calm - Entrants should persist in being cool and serene during the assessment. They should not fear if they meet hard questions and should take their time to think over the issues.

7. Learn from mistakes - Entrants should learn from their blunders and analyse their accomplishments after the assessment. They can categorize areas where they need to amend and put effort into these during their preparation.


In conclusion, the Goldman Sachs mock trial is a challenging but critical part of the enlistment process for internships and full-time openings. It calculates the numerical and sound reasoning assistances of entrants, which are perilous for working in investment banking. Entrants need to prepare meticulously by rehearsing regularly, managing their time excellently, reading commands sensibly, showing their workings, being assertive, staying quiet, and learning from their slipups. With the right groundwork and mentality, entrants can perform acceptably in the Goldman Sachs mock assessment and upsurge their likelihood of securing a position at the investment bank.

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