IBM Mock Test Series 2023

IBM Mock Test Series 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 02 June 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 02 June 2023

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • About the Organization
  • Freshers’ Recruiting Procedure
  • Test Format and Syllabus
  • Standard for Selection 
  • Tips to ace the exam


Have you recently graduated and are interested in working in information technology? IBM, one of the top global technology corporations in the world, has recently begun a fresh recruitment campaign in an effort to fill open positions. This article will arm you with the knowledge and resources you require to ace your interview with IBM and get started in the job of your dreams.

IBM has been a pioneer in the information technology industry for well over a century, and as a result, it has earned a reputation for being one of the most reputable employers. IBM offers employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields for recent college graduates, including software engineering, data science, cloud computing, and business consulting, to name just a few of those fields. Opportunities for entry-level work are made available through IBM's fresher placement program for recent college graduates who have a strong technical background.

About IBM

IBM has been around for over a century, and in that time it has grown into a global technology powerhouse. Problems in several areas, such as cloud computing, AI, and network security, are addressed. IBM's use of technology is motivated by a desire to improve the world through assisting clients in resolving complex issues. The company has a worldwide presence and places a premium on ensuring complete customer pleasure, creating really unique offerings, and fostering relationships based on trust and personal responsibility. Opportunities for entry-level work exist in many in-demand fields within this sector, such as software engineering, data science, cloud computing, and business consulting.

You should learn about IBM's values, goals, and culture before applying for a position there. IBM is an industry leader in many areas of technology, including those related to the cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. IBM's mission is to improve the world by applying its expertise in information technology to client problems. IBM's core principles include a dedication to its customers' success, an emphasis on meaningful innovation, the value of trust and personal accountability in all relationships, and so on.

IBM Selection Process 2023

The IBM freshers placement drive recruitment procedure is divided into four stages:

  • Application Procedure
  • Written Exam  
  • Technical Interview
  • Human Resources Interview

Let's look at each stage of the IBM hiring process 2023 in further detail.

Step 1: Filling Out an Application

The application process is the initial phase in IBM's employee recruitment operation. Job seekers can submit their applications directly to IBM or through third-party job boards like Naukri, LinkedIn, and others. Candidates are required to submit an application that details their background, education, and job history.

Step 2: The Written Examination

The next step in getting hired at IBM is the written exam. The aptitude and technical portions of the written exam are equally important. The applicant's abilities in areas such as reasoning, mathematics, and language are tested and graded in the aptitude section. The technical section is where you get to show off your expertise in your field of choice.

Step 3: Technical Interview

The third step of the IBM hiring process is the technical interview. The purpose of the technical interview is to evaluate the candidate's level of technical knowledge in their area of study. Interests, projects, internships, and academic courses are all fair game for interviewers to probe. Candidates need to show that they are technically savvy and adept at fixing problems.

Step 4: HR Interview

The Human Resources (HR) Interview is the fourth and last step of the IBM Hiring Process. The HR interview is there to see how well the candidate can interact with others. The interviewer may question the candidate's career aspirations, weaknesses, and past work experience. Candidates should have teamwork skills, flexibility, and a desire to learn.

IBM's Latest Updated Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2023

IBM's hiring process includes a computer-based, multiple-choice written exam testing both general ability and knowledge of relevant technical topics. The exam structure varies between each individual. The answer is conditional on the kind of the job for which the applicant has applied. 

The IBM placement paper's aptitude section includes tests in reading comprehension, written and verbal communication, and analytical reasoning. Quantitative aptitude tests typically include questions on themes such as time and work, speed and distance, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and data interpretation. 

The section on verbal skills includes exercises focusing on grammar, reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, and more. The portion on logic includes questions on coding and decoding, seating arrangements, directions and distances, and even family relationships.

The IBM placement paper's technical section features questions specific to the candidate's field of study. The technical interview for a software engineer post will include questions about programming languages like C++ and Java, as well as other topics like data structures, algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, database management systems, and so on. If you're interviewing for a position in networking, you should expect some technical questions about things like routing algorithms, network security, and protocol implementations.

The IBM placement exam typically takes candidates 2.5 hours to complete. The average exam has roughly sixty questions. This test has a moderate to high degree of difficulty. There are two sections to the test: an aptitude test and a technical test. Usually, you'll split the points 40-20 between the two parts.

Group discussions and individual interviews are also part of IBM's selection procedure. During the group discussion, the candidate's interpersonal, managerial, and supervisory skills will be tested. The technical knowledge and problem-solving skills of the candidate are evaluated during the in-person interview.

Online Aptitude Test Round: 

  • Virtual Coding Assessment (1 Que - 45 minutes)
  • Cognitive Ability Assessment (30 minutes)
  • English Language Test: (10 Que -10 Min)
  • Virtual Interviews
  • The coding test will happen on Hackerrank platform.
  • There is no negative marking in the paper.

Coding Test:

  • OOPS concepts
  • Data Types
  • Iteration, Recursion, Decision
  • Procedure, functions and scope
  • Complexity Theory
  • Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
  • Stacks, Queues
  • Hash Tables
  • Heaps
  • Searching and Sorting

Eligibility Criteria for IBM Placement Drive 2023

Candidates for IBM's placement drive for recent college graduates must meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be a recent college graduate or postgraduate from a recognized university to be considered.
  • To be accepted, you need to have a cumulative GPA of 60% or higher.
  • Prospective employees should be free of any financial responsibilities.
  • The ideal applicants will have strong verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • New hires should enjoy learning about and working with cutting-edge technologies.

Tips to succeed in IBM Placement Exam 2023

You should put in a lot of time practicing for the IBM placement drive if you want to do well. To help you get ready for your interview, here are some tips:

  1. Study the job posting thoroughly: You should read the job description carefully before applying for a position at IBM. You can learn more about the required education, work experience, and duties for the job by reading the description provided by the employer.
  2. Organizational Research: One of the most important steps in getting ready for a placement drive is researching IBM as an employer. You should learn about IBM's background, values, products, and services to get a feel for the company. You should also look into cutting-edge tech and how IBM is adjusting to it.
  3. Mock Aptitude Tests: As part of the hiring process, IBM uses aptitude tests to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for a position. Your logical reasoning, verbal communication skills, and numerical aptitude will all be tested. Taking advantage of online aptitude tests might help you better understand your strengths and develop your potential.
  4. Developing One's Skill Set in a Technical Area: IBM is a technological corporation, hence most open roles demand extensive technical knowledge. Learning new programming languages, applications, and software, as well as managing data in a database, are all excellent ways to expand your technical expertise. One more way to acquire or hone your technology abilities is to enroll in online courses or training programs.
  5. Practice answering some behavioral interview questions to test your knowledge: Mock interviews with behavioral questions are a great way to prepare. Candidates' interpersonal skills and their potential to work well with others can be evaluated through behavioral interviews. Prepare yourself for questions such, "Tell me about a time when you faced a difficult situation at work" and "How do you handle conflicts with team members?"
  6. To dress sensibly: You only get one (hopefully) chance to make a first impression, so make it count by dressing the part for your interview. Wear business attire and restrain yourself from accessorizing excessively.
  7. Don't be late: You absolutely must not be late to the interview. It's recommended that you arrive at the interview location 15-20 minutes early. This will allow you to calm down and put together a well-thought-out response before the interview.
  8. Don't lose your cool and confidence: Keeping calm and assured is essential during the interview. Just take several deep, slow breaths and try to relax totally. If you're feeling really concerned about anything, that could affect how well you do.
  9. Keep an eye on the situation: Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions and provide short, concise answers. Get off topic and away from the issue at hand.
  10. Exhibit Your Skills: Showcase your skills and experience in ways that are directly applicable to the position at hand during the interview. You can give evidence of your skills by including things like completed projects or work history.
  11. Ask Some Doubts: At the conclusion of the interview, you will be given a chance to ask any remaining questions you may have. Put your inquiries about the company, your role, and anything else on your mind to good use during this time.
  12. After an interview, it's important to follow up with the interviewer. 

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