Revature Mock Test Series 2023

Revature Mock Test Series 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 03 June 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 03 June 2023


  • Revature is a technology company that provides training and career opportunities to software developers. Companies help candidates for job interviews through their mock test. It is created to help with real world coding challenges. 
  • This is a technology company so the mock test consists of a series of coding exercises which covers a range of topics like data structure algorithms and object oriented programming language. Candidates are implemented with a confined amount of time to complete each exercise and perform to write clean, efficient and errorless code. 
  • The objective of the mock test may be to give candidates a real sense of what to expect in a real exam and interview to help them identify areas where they may need extra practice. Revature provides feedback on where to improve in each exercise. 
  • We can say that the mock test is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enter in the field of software development. It provides realistic experience of job interviews and exams that help candidates to build the skill and confidence. 

Revature Mock Test Pattern 2023: 

Generally mock tests are conducted to examine candidates' knowledge and efficiency about any job. Respective department design patterns and prepare syllabus to be asked in exams. Below is a mock test pattern…


Number of questions

Time duration

Aptitude and logical reasoning


5 minutes 

Basic English


5 minutes 

Programming ability


20 minutes 

Technical fundamentals


15 minutes 

Problem solving ability


45 minutes 

Every subject and section has its own topic. It takes equal part in every section and tests the candidate. Below I have mentioned topics section wise.

Aptitude and logical reasoning: this section consists of quantitative and qualitative data which are

  • Percentage
  • Average
  • time,speed and distance, 
  • simple interest and compound interest
  • data sufficiency
  • blood relation
  • analogy and 
  • calendar based question etc..

Basic English: This section consists of 

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • error identification
  • sentence improvement and 
  • comprehension etc..

Programming ability: this section is very important. It is related to programming languages. It consists of 

  • data structure concepts
  • operation on arrays
  • questions on matrices
  • linked list
  • string sorting and searching
  • linear and binary search etc..

Technical Fundamental : this section consists of 

  • complexity theory,
  • linked list,
  • trees, graphs, 
  • Heaps,
  • searching and sorting data types etc..

Problem Solving ability: in this section they may give you any case study. In that case study you need to describe the topic. 

How to prepare for Revature Mock Test 2023? 

It can be challenging to prepare for the revature mock test. I have given some strategy tips on how to prepare for revature mock test. You can follow those strategies to maximize your chances of success. 

  1. Practice coding:  coding exercise and challenges will build your coding skills stronger enough. You can practice coding challenges on websites like hackerrank, leadcode,codewars or any other. 
  2. Time management:  it is essential to practice coding exercises under timed conditions. This will help you to manage your time better and get used to working under pressure. 
  3. Take mock tests: attempting regular mock tests to get used to the format and structure of the test. There are many websites to find mock tests like prepinsta, indiabix and greeksforgreeks. 
  4. Review The topic: be familiar with the topics covered in the mock test like data structure object oriented programming language and algorithms. This topic helps you to feel more confident when you take the real test. 
  5. Stay calm and focus: during the test stay calm and focus. Don't be supported by difficult questions or challenges. 


Here are some final recommendations to succeed on the Revature  mock test. 

  • Just practice: the more practice you will have the better you will perform on the actual test. Attempt multiple mock tests as much as possible. 
  • Focus on weaknesses: identify the area of weaknesses and improve on practicing those sections. 
  • Time management: managing time will get success in any exam. Make sure that you are allocating time to each section and answering questions perfectly. 
  • Review and learn from mistakes: attempt questions you got wrong with and understand why you made those mistakes. Don't panic if you face a difficult question or do not know the answer to a particular question. 
  • Stay informed: keep up to date with the latest exam pattern and changes. Check the official website of the company for the latest updates. 

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Q1. What is a Revature mock test ??

Ans. It is a practice test designed to prepare for the actual Revature placement test. 

Q2. What is the pattern of the Revature mock test ?

Ans. The test is typically a computer based online test and consists of multiple choice questions. It is divided into several sections including aptitude, verbal reasoning and technical skills. 

Q3. How many questions are there in the Revature Mock Test ?

Ans. The number of questions in the mock test varies depending on the section. 

Q4. What is the duration of the Revature  Mock Test ?

Ans. The duration of the Revature   mock test varies but it is usually around 92-120 minutes. 

Q5. What is the difficulty level of the Revature  Mock Test ?

Ans. The difficulty level of Revature   mock tests is usually moderate to high. It is created to challenge the candidates' aptitude , logical reasoning and technical skills. 

Revature Mock Test Series 2023

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