Persistent Mock Test Series 2023

Persistent Mock Test Series 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 04 June 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 04 June 2023


  • Persistent mock test is an essential tool to prepare effectively for the exam. These tests are designed to create a real exam environment and help students evaluate themselves with understanding of subject matter. One of the best features of mock tests is we can practice multiple Times, following their learning and track progress. 
  • Mock test covers the entire syllabus of the exam and additionally they are based on the exam pattern and difficulty level. It provides an opportunity to the students to solve different types of questions including multi choice questions short answer question essay question and other. 
  • One of the main advantages of the persistent mock test is that they identify areas of weakness so candidates can review their performance after the test and recognise the concept they need to focus on. 
  • Second benefit of mock tests is that it helps candidates to build confidence. By taking multiple mock tests regularly and observing progress overtime students can gain confidence in their capability and might reduce exam-related anxiety. 
  • These tests are a valuable tool to prepare for exams. It provides an opportunity to students to assess their performance, identify weakness, build confidence and improve their analytical skills. By taking regular mock tests it enhances chances of success. 

Persistence Mock Test Pattern 2023 

Mock tests are conducted to examine candidates' knowledge and ability of any post. The department will design patterns and prepare syllabus to be asked in exams. 




Section A

Basic English test


Logical ability paper


Objective test


Basic programming


Note: above mentioned numbers are approximate. It varies based on job position and responsibility of the post

Every section has topics. These topics are unique in their way..

Logical ability consists of important topics such as..

  • Data arrangement
  • Coding decoding
  • Blood relation
  • Syllogism
  • Direction

Verbal ability is a part of basic English in which important topics are…

  • grammar
  • Sentence correction 
  • Error spotting 
  • Synonyms and antonyms. 

Basic programming section is nothing but knowledge about programming language consists of important topics such as…

  • Data types
  • Complexity theory
  • Procedure functions and scope
  • Hash Table
  • Iteration recursion decision.

How to prepare for Persistent Mock Test 2023? 

It can be challenging to prepare for the persistent mock test. I have given some strategy tips on how to prepare for persistent mock test. You can follow those strategies to maximize your chances of success. 

  1. Practice coding:  coding exercise and challenges will build your coding skills stronger enough. You can practice coding challenges on websites like hackerrank, leadcode,codewars or any other. 
  2. Time management:  it is essential to practice coding exercises under timed conditions. This will help you to manage your time better and get used to working under pressure. 
  3. Take mock tests: attempting regular mock tests to get used to the format and structure of the test. There are many websites to find mock tests like prepinsta, indiabix and greeksforgreeks. 
  4. Review The topic: be familiar with the topics covered in the mock test like data structure object oriented programming language and algorithms. This topic helps you to feel more confident when you take the real test. 
  5. Stay calm and focus: during the test stay calm and focus. Don't be supported by difficult questions or challenges. 


Here are some final recommendations to succeed on the persistent mock test. 

  • Just practice: the more practice you will have the better you will perform on the actual test. Attempt mock tests as much as possible. 
  • Focus on weaknesses: identify the area of weaknesses and improve on practicing those sections. 
  • Time management: managing time will get success in any exam. Make sure that you are allocating time to each section and answering questions perfectly. 
  • Review and learn from mistakes: attempt questions you got wrong with and understand why you made those mistakes. Don't panic if you face a difficult question or do not know the answer to a particular question. 
  • Stay informed: keep up to date with the latest exam pattern and changes. Check the official website of the company and follow the department digital account for the latest updates. 

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Q1. Why should we practice mock tests ?

Ans. Mock tests bring clarity to our efforts. It is highly beneficial in identifying the weakness and strengths. By taking multiple test regularly you can track your progress in weak areas. 

Q2. Should candidates focus only on persistent mock tests or also study other materials ??

Ans. Mock tests are an effective tool for exam preparation but candidates should not solely focus on their study plan. It should be diversified in various fields. Candidates should also make a balance between taking more tests and studying other material such as textbook practice problems or lectures. 

Q3. Where can I find a persistent mock test for preparation ??

Ans. There are many sources where you can find persistent mock tests. Our platform provides mock tests with important topic covered questions. 

Q4. What is the duration for the persistent mock test ?

Ans. Time duration for the persistence mock test is approximately 60 minutes.

Q5. What are the main subjects from which questions are asked ??

Ans. Persistence mock test consists of questions from data Structure, Java, DBMS, networking, operating system, communication system and basic English. 

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