Persistent Placement Papers 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 26 May 2023
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Table of Content

  • Introduction

  • About the Organization

  • Freshers’ Recruiting Procedure

  • Test Format and Syllabus

  • Standard for Selection 

  • Tips to ace the exam

 Persistent Placement Papers 2023

Preparing for the Persistent Systems recruitment drive? Every year, Persistent Systems uses their extensive recruiting programme to bring in freshers. Working for a core IT company like Persistent systems would be a huge step up for many people's IT careers. Working at Persistent Systems comes with a great deal of opportunities for personal development and professional advancement, including exposure to a wide range of domestic and foreign clients. They have a very competitive placement program, so they are able to hire only the most qualified newbies. In order to stick out from the other applicants in the placement drive, you must be well-prepared and versed with the right skills and strategies. Keep reading this piece for details on their application process, as well as some helpful hints.


Persistent Systems is a global consultant and service provider of IT services. They have gained respect for their innovation, quality, and reliability, and they are well-known for the fact that they offer their employees exciting opportunities for professional growth and advancement. You will have to undergo the hiring system to be able to work in Persistent Systems. This article will provide you with a detailed account of the hiring procedure that Persistent Systems applies to make sure you get a sense of what to expect.

The Persistent Systems Placement Process is a comprehensive hiring process that enables the company to identify the most talented and skilled candidates for their open positions. This enables the company to fill those positions with the most qualified employees possible. The process consists of multiple steps, such as filling out an application, being evaluated, and having an interview.

Persistent Selection process 2023

The hiring program for Persistent Systems can be concluded into 3 steps, written test, technical  interview and HR assessment round, so as to name.

The written test examines the candidates' verbal ability,  quants, computer fundamentals, coding  and logical ability over the course of 50-60 minutes. The general aptitude questions will be in multiple choice format and coding questions are to be done in the online interpreter provided on the testing portal. This is a critical stage; failure to do well here will result in elimination.

If you pass the written exam, you'll move on to the technical interview, which is composed of a video interview in which you'll be asked questions about your knowledge of computer science fundamentals, your experience with engineering projects, and your ability to solve two or three coding questions live while explaining the approaches and complexities of the solution algorithm. This is also an elimination round, so be sure to review the essentials well in advance of your interview.

As part of the human resources stage, that is the last step of the hiring process, candidates must complete a personality assessment questionnaire designed to reveal insights about their characteristics as working professionals. This helps to guarantee that each candidate is placed in a position that best suits his or her skillset and work preferences. This is non-eliminating round.

Persistent latest Syllabus and Exam pattern 2023

Online-Written Test: There are a total of 40-55 questions (depending on off or on-campus placements) spread across the following sections, with all being presented as multiple-choice except coding. The time allotment is 50-60 minutes along with a specific time frame for each section of the test.

The exam consists of sections: Logical Reasoning, Quants, MCQs in English Language, and Technical Part/ Coding.

Difficulty level: Medium to High

The exam will not have any negative marking scheme.

Technical Round: This stage involves questions from core concepts of computer science and live programming during the interview. For most jobs, the technical interview is the concluding element where the interviewer probes the candidate's problem solving skills analytically.

HR Interview: The final round of the interview process consists of an assessment test with HR personnel. The questionnaire assesses the candidate's interpersonal skills, and in general compatibility for the job at hand and the company.

No. of questions: 50

Time Limit: 20-30 minutes

Persistent Detailed Syllabus 2023

  • Verbal Ability: basic grammar, sentence completion, synonyms & antonyms, comprehension reading passage, idioms ,and phrases.

  • Logical Reasoning: pattern recognition, blood relations, coding- decoding, puzzles, age, data sufficiency, and alphanumeric series.

  • Math ability: algebra, ratio, percentage, permutations & combinations, probability, arithmetic, profit & loss, speed & distance, work & time.

  • Technical: data structures, algorithms, OOPS, ML, AI, operating systems, database management systems, data mining, computer programming, and computer networks.

Persistent Standard for Selection

Make sure that both of the coding questions are solved within the allotted amount of time, and during the online written test, you should strive to get as many questions right as you can in order to secure your spot in the next round. 

Candidates should be well-versed in programming languages, software development environments, and database management systems. Make sure you're aware of the most recent developments in your field and in the industry as a whole. Persistent Systems values candidates who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Tips to succeed in Persistent Placement Exam in 2023

  1. Research the company: The initial action to take is to learn as much as possible about the company and its offerings. Doing so will help you comprehend the position's prerequisites and develop the relevant abilities and experience.

  2. Improve your soft skills: Soft skills are just as important as hard skills to Persistent Systems.

  3. Create a schedule: You must devote sufficient time and effort to each subject. This will ensure that you devote enough time to each topic and that nothing is overlooked.

  4.  Find the solutions to last year's tests: Understanding the types of questions asked by practicing previous years' questions.

  5. Review the Exam Format: Recognizing patterns is comparable to reviewing the test's outline. It will prepare you for the format and content of the actual examination.

  6. Conduct simulated job interviews: Participation in mock interviews is essential because they help you understand your thought process during an actual interview.

  7. Master the essentials: The seventh piece of advice is to acquire a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

  8. Focus on your areas of deficiency: The eighth tip is to improve your weaknesses. If you take the time to identify and strengthen your areas of weakness, you will perform better on exams.

  9. Consistent practice is the ninth piece of guidance. Regular practice on every topic is required for both mastery of the material and improved application fluency.

  10. Permanently revising: Be sure to schedule consistent study sessions. Reviewing all material frequently will strengthen your understanding of the concepts and increase the likelihood that you will remember them in the future.

Persistent Systems' placement interview tests applicants' intellect, skills, and potential. Applicants must prepare well and improve their technological, communication, and problem-solving skills to thrive in the interview. Candidates should also prepare by researching the company's values and acting confidently. Strengthen your technical abilities, learn as much as possible about the business and its culture, network and build connections, highlight your soft skills, and present yourself with confidence and authenticity. This essay can help candidates get hired by Persistent Systems, which will bring them one step closer to achieving their goals of working for their dream company.

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