Cocubes Placement Papers 2023

Cocubes Placement Papers 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 26 May 2023

by Amit Prabhu | Updated on 26 May 2023

About Cocubes Placement Papers 2023

  • Cocubes is a platform which offers a placement test for job seekers who are designing to examine their preparedness for the job market. Cocube placement papers are highly recommended by many employers because it provides a comprehensive and practical assessment of candidates' skill and potential for success. 
  • In the current competitive job market it is essential for employees to be confident and showcase their skills and knowledge to proper and potential employers. One way to do this is by performing excellently in the placement test. 
  • Cocubes placement paper covers mostly all the topics including quantitative aptitude verbal ability technical skills logical reasoning and many others. The Motive to conduct this examination is to test candidates ability to critically analyze information and solve problems in difficult times. 

This article aims to provide some information and tricks to job seekers who are preparing for the Coke cubes placement exam. We will cover the following points: 

  • Overview of placement papers: 

    • Our article will provide detail for your placement papers including different sections, level of difficulty and types of questions asked. 

  • Tips to crack cocubes placement paper: 

    • Our article will offer practical tips and strategies for candidates to crack placement papers. These strategies include time management, practicing with mock tests and basics. 

  • Sample questions and solution: 

    • Our article will give some sample questions in solution from cocubes placement papers with a better understanding of types of questions and efficiency to solve them. 

About Cocubes

  • Cocubes is a leading assessment company which means it is a hiring platform that helps various companies hire talented candidates based on their skills and potential. 
  • Cocubes is based in India with presence in multiple countries which was founded in the year of 2007. The company is working with leading organizations including IT, finance, engineering and among others. 
  • The recruitment process of cocubes involves job seekers taking one or more placement tests on their platform. They conduct interview process company's managers. 
  • Cocubes company values candidates who have a  strong foundation in their respective domains, excellent analytical and problem resolving skills, capable of learning and addicting quickly. While recruiting candidates, companies mostly focus on recruiting those who can work collaboratively in a team, communicate effectively and possess strong work Morale. 

Cocubes Exam Pattern 2023

The Cocubes placement exam consists of two sections. These Sections are designed to test different skills and abilities. The pattern is as given below:

  • English
  • Logical reasoning
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Computer fundamentals and coding
  • Section one consists of topics such as English,logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. 
  • The English section examines candidates' proficiency in the language including grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation. This section consists of 25 questions and the duration is 25 minutes. 
  • Quantitative aptitude section tests candidates ability to solve mathematical problems like algebra, geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry and other. This section consists of 15 questions with a time of 15 minutes. 
  • Logical reasoning section will examine a candidate's ability to think logically and solve critical problems using analytical skills. This section consists of 15 questions within time limits of 15 minutes.
  • Computer fundamentals section is going to test candidates' knowledge of computer fundamentals which includes hardware, software, operating system and application software. It consists of 10 questions in a given 10 minutes. 
  • Coding section tests a candidate's ability to write and run code in programming languages like python, Java, CSS, C, C + + and others. It provides 2-3 questions within the duration of 30 minutes to complete it. 

Approximate duration of the cocubes placement exam is 100 minutes. So candidates should manage that time effectively to complete all sections within the allotted  time. 

Note: the numbers mentioned in articles are approximate. They vary according to job and positions. 


Number of Questions

Time Duration



25 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude


15 minutes

Logical Reasoning


15 minutes

Computer Fundamentals


10 minutes



30 minutes

Thorough understanding of exam pattern and the time duration for each trophy and section, candidates can increase the chance to be placed in company. 


  • Cocubes placement test is a crucial test for students who are looking to secure employment in top companies. To pass this exam and to be placed, candidates should have prepared, practiced and dedicated. 
  • In addition, candidates must have explicit understanding of the exam pattern syllabus and marking scheme. Candidates should examine themselves by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and work on to improve them. 
  • Next candidate should focus on petty things like time management accuracy and speed to write exams. They should practice sample papers, mock tests and previous question papers which can help them to get a better understanding of the difficulty level  and types of questions in the exam. 
  • At last, we're surrounded with competition. To get placed in companies and clear the search placement exam is a stepping stone to a successful career. Therefore candidates should take care of their physical and mental health. 
  • Candidates should prepare seriously and give their best effort. With the right mindset, preparation practice and improvisation candidates can do the best. Our Wishes are always with you. 

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